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Aug 8, 2011 06:15 PM

Ferocious chicken bahn mi

Having grown up along with Little Saigon in So Cal I have a keen taste for Vietnamese cuisine, at least for a non-Vietnamese. In the 70's it was the only place to get a real baguette! So having had my share of Vietnamese sandwiches I want to praise Dinosaur in the Castro. They have a small menu-5 sandwiches including a vegan choice. I've only had the chicken, but I will drive out of my way for it. The chicken itself is marinated so that it has an excellent flavor, the veg crisp and tasty, the hot pepper makes the perfect heat. Of course the bread is fresh and crusty. I seldom fall in love with one place, but this is the BEST bahn mi I have ever had!!! Oh, and the young very amenable staff is a def plus.

3559 16th St., San Francisco, CA 94114

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  1. wow, high praise! i just noticed that place yesterday. i lived for 13 years in Little Saigon, Westminster, and then spent 20 plus years visiting my parents there, so i'm very familiar with the area. which really makes me want to try Dinosaurs. thanks for the tip.

    1. Wow, banh mi until 10pm. That's excellent.

      1. I reported on it last yr, but didn't try the chicken. I must go back for it one day. Get a frequent buyer card: