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Aug 8, 2011 06:10 PM

Au Pied De Cochon Reservations

We're visiting montreal with the family a week from now and since I've heard so much about APDC, we'd like to give it a try. However, why is it so difficult to make a reservation? Does anyone know if the restaurant is currently closed? I've tried emailing and have had no replies. Tried calling them a couple times and it seems like our call is forwarded to their voice mail.. Suggestions?

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  1. It's difficult because it's tourist season and it's an extremely popular restaurant. When did you call them? They are closed on Mondays. Also consider what time you are calling they are open 5-12 EST and I see you are from Seatle. Keep calling?

    1. Your experience is not unheard of in the city and I've experienced it myself, including at APDC. Don't email them again, call them instead and I'd recommend calling them around 5 pm when they are starting dinner service but aren't supremely busy. Hope the rest of your Montréal experience is better.

      1. I agree with the others. Calling before 5pm means that its unlikely anyone will be there to answer. After 5pm, especially during the summer, and they're usually to busy to answer. Leave a message (even in English) about when you'll be in town, what times& days you'd like, and your party size, and they'll call you back. I've always had a response within a few hours of leaving a message.

        1. I called yesterday at exactly 4PM and on the first try got a reservation for 6 on the 16th (a Tuesday). It didn't seem like they had many reservations at all as I pretty much had a choice of any time I wanted.

          1. I've always gotten voicemail when I've called to make a reservation. I leave the info and they call back to confirm.

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              I don't speak French and cannot follow the voicemail. Any suggestions?

              1. re: ChrisEM

                well, usually there is (should be?) a beep at the end of the message, just leave your information (name, phone, target date and time) in english.



                1. re: ChrisEM

                  Good point. I do, and it just didn't occur to me that there was no English option. However, whenever they have called me back they always speak in English, I think they can tell by my phone #.

                  1. re: Kat

                    I tried calling again this morning, and got the same recorded message I heard several days ago (There was not a beep at end of message....just an operator speaking in French, and the line ultimately disconnects. I thought I could make out the operator requesting I press 1 or 2, but given that I don't understand enough to know what those options represent, it's not helpful). However, I tried again (about 5 minutes later) and heard a DIFFERENT voice mail message....this time WITH a beep, which signaled me to leave my reservation request.

                2. re: Kat

                  to add to this, i left a msg this previous sunday around 11pm. i emailed them my details immediately after.

                  they took about 2 days to call me back. as i was at work, i missed the call at 4pm EST and called back to no avail. the following day, they called again at 4pm EST (i missed it again) and called back around 6pm. i got through this time and spoke to them in English. confirming my reservation for sunday, aug. 21 (no saturday spots were available that weekend)

                  i was surprised they tried again, but am grateful! i guess it`s good to monitor your phone around 4pm EST if you`ve left a message for reservations! hope that helps!