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Aug 8, 2011 05:35 PM

Mignon, in downtown LA

We went last Friday afternoon. Had a couple of very good glasses of wine, a cheese plate, some grilled asparagus and some pate-all was delicious.

What a wonderful little place, has a great SF feel to it, not something that you'd typically would end in LA. Would be especially romantic on a rainy evening.

They are open Sat for brunch (limited menu) and open after 5pm.

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  1. Went there for the first time a couple of weeks ago. Found the wine selection lackluster and uninspired. A little too brightly lit - seems like no one really thought much about the space - is that what gives it an SF feel? I did like that they had a happy hour special that included almonds. I also got some pretty good cheese. If only they had an interesting wine list to go with it (see Lou for reference).

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      Lackluster and uninspired is hardly what I would use to describe Santo's wine list. He has championed wines from the "road less traveled" set. If one prefers to drink generic wines, I would avoid Mignon. If you however are interested in Hungarian Furmint, Croatian Plavic Mali or Slovinian Ranina, I recommend you high-tail it over there or Bacaro.

    2. We wandered in late one night after a show at the Orpheum and found it to be quite delightful, and the sort of place of which there should be more in this fair city. I'll admit that the wine list wasn't full of names that I recognized, but that doesn't necessarily mean anything. We enjoyed what we had, accompanied by a good cheese plate. And it was affordable.

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        If you go to Mignon or Bacaro looking for familiar names, you are in for disappointment.

        Santos specializes in widening your tastebuds and experiences. He trained earlier in life at Silver Lake Wine, and is now on to graduate school with these two places.

        If you like wine, and the excitement of finding yet another wine you have never heard of, then get to these places.