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Aug 8, 2011 04:59 PM

Le Creuset Sales / Pricing

I don't really keep up on Le Creuset Sales / Pricing but how low does this stuff get when on sale / factory ?

Located in NYC if that helps with the response...

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  1. Here's where you want to look:

    The closest ones to NYC:

    Jersey Shore Premium Outlets, Tinton Falls (732) 493-8390
    Flemington (908) 782-1224

    Central Valley (845) 928-4316
    Riverhead (631) 208-9400

    1. There is no le creuset outlet close to where I live. Do any online sources put it on sale around Christmas or any other time? The going rate for a 5.5qt round oven seems to be about $240, and the 3.5qt braiser is about $204 everywhere. I am wondering if there is any chance they go on sale cheaper around the holidays.

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      1. re: ShawnPA

        There are 20% off coupons offered by various stores at random times. Just got a set of them in the mail from Macy's a few days ago.

        Pretty much all online stores offered 20% off everything around Christmas last year.

        And if you happen to like yellow...

        1. re: cutipie721

          You can always use the BBB 20% off coupons on LC.

        2. re: ShawnPA

          If you don't live near an outlet store, they'll ship to you wherever you are in the USA. Sometimes the shipping is free when you spend over $100. Call any of them and tell them what you're looking for.

          I live in PA, and have bought stuff from outlets in PA, NJ, NY, and VA.

          1. re: ShawnPA

            I've been told that any of the outlets will ship and you can order on the phone. So get on the mailing list for coupons and then call the outlet.

            Also if there is a Home Goods near you they sometimes have LC.

          2. BTW, Le Creuset has always been expensive, even here in France. The US prices are not very far off the french prices, I believe. Same for Staub.

            1. Hi

              Pricing seams to vary a lot.

              I managed to get a Dijon Dutch Oven 16 cm (1 3/8qt) for £44 (USD$69). The RRP was £90/$141
              That was at a Le Creuset outlet store.

              I have just (this morning) bought a 20 cm (2 3/4 qt) Dutch oven in cassis with two free Le Creuset gifts (spatula & utensil holder) for £40/$63. The RRP was £110/$172. This was from a online kitchen discount store.

              Someone always seams to have some sort of special on Le Creuset. however at least to me you need to look around a bit and maybe not be fussy with regards to the colour.