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Aug 8, 2011 04:24 PM

Iso sandwich steak hache frites a la marseille in Paris

I'm in Paris for only two more days and have not been able to find a sandwich I loved when I was here last ten years ago. I thought I had them in Paris, too, but it may only have been in Marseille or Nice, where it was street food. The sandwich was a steak hache frites, chopped hamburger in a baguette topped with French fries. I've not been successful searching this board or google. I'm staying in the 11th arr., but will take the metro anywhere to find this.


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  1. If you find a place in Paris with these please report. I have looked but never found them in Paris. Like you, i recall these being everywhere as street food in the south of France, had them often in Toulon back in my navy days.

    1. That sounds so much like a Tunisian kefta sandwich. In the 18th arrondissement around Château-Rouge and avenue de Clichy/Saint-Ouen, and in the North suburbs like Aubervilliers, Saint-Ouen, Clichy or Saint-Denis, you'll find tons of these.

      Incidentally, Mi Va Mi (just facing l'As du Falafel on rue des Rosiers) has wonderful kefta (made from scratch for every order) served with very good frites. You can always have a chunk of baguette with that.

      1. Just making sure: You know this is called a "sandwich américain", right? I would have thought it was on the menu of just about every kebab shop in France, but I admit it's not something I pay a lot of attention to...

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          To be exact, it's all over the kebab shops and kebab shops are everywhere.

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            The photos I saw of the sandwich americaines on the menus had whole patties, not chopped beef, and tomatoes and lettuce, like an American burger, but I'll give them a try. And I'll look for the keftas, too. When I had them, they were definitely called steak frites sandwiches on menus.


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              Yes, as far as I know the patty is left whole in a sandwich américain. Although now that I think of it, it depends on the size of the patties and the shape of the bread (which is not usually baguette, in a kebab shop). They might break them up when assembling the sandwich. Anyway, it's not exactly what you're looking for, after all, but maybe you could try ordering an américain and asking them to crumble up the steak while it's on the griddle. Would that be about right? If there's some special Provençal seasoning involved, then you're probably out of luck.

              In any case, the fries inside the sandwich: that's universal! At least if you get it to take away. If you eat it there, they'll probably serve them on the side unless you specify otherwise.

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              Also, to be clear, the frites were served in the sandwich.

            3. When I lived in Nice in 1995 I lived off this sandwich. It's so good I can't talk about it but you guys are getting close.

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                Never did find that sandwich in Paris, and now my memory of that sandwich is fading.

                Has someone eaten these recently that can post a new description?

              2. All the crap eateries in Latin Quarter sell the crap.

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                  kinda baity, don't you think?

                  and it was definitely not easy to find in Paris three years ago.