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Aug 8, 2011 03:49 PM

Best Seattle source for quarter/half/whole animals?

Looking to take the plunge with a whole lamb, half pig, quarter of beef, etc. Any recommendations would be most welcome. Thanks in advance, eip.

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  1. I'd hit up Junior Livestock Auctions at local fairs. Animals have had one on one attention (well, I guess some kids have more than one animal) , anything you pay above market price can be used as a tax deduction, and help send a kid to college.

    1. We once got a full lamb for a cajun bbq from Don & Joe's in Pike Place Market, and it worked out well. Ordered over a week ahead of time, they were friendly, happily stayed open a little past closing time because I couldn't get there in time.

      Pike Place Market
      1501 Pike Pl, Seattle, WA 98101

      1. Bosnian Moslems can get whole lambs. Look for them, (start with a mosque) and you'll find a source.
        Another source I remember is that there's an atelier in Marysville. A friend of mine is a researcher in Fred Hutchinson's and she needed a cow's aorta. Her husband's boss in Marysville was able to supply the specialized cow part for her.

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          Design studio? Or abattoir? : )

          8", have you tried Bill the Butcher or any people selling meat at farmers' markets? I get sticker shock at the farmers market, so don't remember the names...

          1. re: babette feasts

            I haven't asked around at the FMs yet, as my local one doesn't have any meat this year for some reason. Definitely will, though. And I'll ask at Rainshadow, BtB, and Swinery, but I was thinking (speaking of sticker shock!) I might save some money by making a day trip out of it and buying straight from the source. Thanks, bf.

        2. Thanks all. Will report back after we've selected a farm or ranch.

          1. A friend researched it, but we are getting our organic grass fed, grass finished cow from PND Farms in Centralia. We'll be picking the meat up in early September, but it's been reserved for some time.