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Aug 8, 2011 03:43 PM

Anyone know what's going in the South Park El Camino space?

El Camino - South Park closed a few weeks ago. All I know is that they sold the space to someone new. Has anyone heard what's going in there?

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  1. Apparently it will be a mexican/sushi place.

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    1. re: Kico

      that sounds....strange. But I will withhold judgement until I taste. Thanks for the info!

      1. re: salustro

        Yah, this is kind of a let down.El Camino wasnt super great but it wasnt all that bad either. I dont have high hopes for mexican/sushi either, it sounds like a bad trend, kinda gimmicky. Hopefully I'm wrong but i'm guessin it'll go away as quickly as it shows up.

        Anyone know why El Camino closed up the S. Park location? It didnt seem like it was doing bad and the Little Italy space is still open.