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Aug 8, 2011 03:14 PM

Where can I buy AWESOME veggie burger patties?

I am wondering if anyone can recommend a good brand of veggie burgers and where to get them in the Edmonton area. I know that they can be really bad, so I want to be safe and not experiment!
Thanks all!


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  1. I used to eat the Meatless Burgers from President's Choice when I was a vegetarian. They are good but lots of calories.

    1. I bought Mountain Burgers at Planet Organic in Calgary so you might be able to find them at the Edmonton location. I think that's the name... I can double check next time I'm at PO. They're soy free and made of lentils & veg instead.

      1. Yves Veggie Cuisine. #1 in my books for all burgers, sausages TVP burger, etc. Available just about anywhere.

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          I agree about Yves, but it all depends on what you want out of a veggie burger. Yves' patties are very beef burger-like.

        2. I second President's choice - either portobello and swiss or the vegetarian patty. The portobello is creamy and "meaty".

          1. Never buy them so I can't help with that but if you get interested in making something this recipe for mushroom burgers is good: