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Aug 8, 2011 03:13 PM

Dessert/sweet (shaped) frogs

When I was younger, my mom would take my brother and I to a bakery (or a bakery in a grocery) that had these shaped frogs. My mom says they were made of petite fours or possibly marzipan. We can't, however, remember where this place was or the name or anything whatsoever. We're from central Jersey but I'm not sure if it would be north, central, or south Jersey. Any information anyone has would be extremely helpful.

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  1. what about swiss chalet bakery in morristown? For some reason i remember seeing them there. I remember getting animal shaped cakes in this area too. It was more like a cupcake size though. what about raritan bakery?

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      My mom says no :( she said it has to be closer to where we live (princeton area)...but swiss chalet bakery looks awesome. Thanks for the help!

      1. re: rawrcheekymonkey

        Not in your area, either, but years ago there was a bakery on Piaget Ave in Clifton that
        always had a tray of little green frog-shaped cakes in their case I had to be no more
        than 5, and everytime we went I begged for one of those cakes. Mom always
        reminded me that I never ate them, but I usually prevailed and the little frog came home
        to be deposited in the fridge. I could never bear to bite into the face, so I would
        nibble at the toes and the posterior until the whole thing became desiccated and
        disgusting and went into the trash. Has to be one of my earliest food memories!