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Aug 8, 2011 02:18 PM

Chinatown Pig Out

If you are like me and my enthusiastic cohorts, the chance to pre-order a whole roast pig at the shoebox of barbecue that is Quick-Pic is a special occasion. Carry it across the street to another restaurant with more seats, add sides, grown up beverages, levity and verve then you my friend are about to pluck the cheek from the pig and I promise, record a dear food diary day. First nab your porcine platter by contacting Henry at Quick-Pic 24 hrs in advance. Pre-game happy hour at The Q is big draft Sapporo and cold sake. (Happy hour only at the bar and not the bar tables...just to be clear.) The excellent bartender is Rea. Her Mom has a Korean restaurant in Westboro aptly named Westboro Korean Restaurant but that is a story for next week.

From the Q we dropped in at Quick-Pic to peer behind the BBQ curtain. Our pig was ready to go and weighed in at round 30 lbs and sported a peach colored bow. The shiny crispy skin and roasted aroma was a wall of pig for eyes and nose and soon other senses. Yum yum! Henry handed us some house hoisin to go and our pig parade across Beach Street began. Stares and smiles followed our eclectic crew and we landed on the big round table in the front at Bubor ChaCha where manager James had us all dialed in. Mike B and The Barkers joined my brood plus other good eaters and soon we were a baker's dozen. The pig was whisked back to Quick Pic for final prep and the table got rice all around, manila clams in black bean sauce, sauteed pea shoots, atchar, and plenty of hot chili oil, la chua.

With great fanfare our pig came back and a hush drew over our crowd. Conversation became muffled and the work began in earnest. Plenty of social lubricant was cold and fizzy. Crackly orange skin, succulent meat, fatty belly, cheeks like oysters, parts reminiscent of the pope's nose, trotters and everything in between was a bbq pig fix for the ages. A good time was had by all yet as great as this feast was the company, new and old was better! I'd like to lie right here and say we et the whole thing but that would have been piggish. Zip-lock forethought and styro boxes were derigueur, then me and all my doggie baggers shuffled back to The Q for digestivos.

I'd recommend this and the other goodies at Quick-Pic (ribs) as well as The Malaysian Cuisine at Bubor ChaCha to everyone who appreciates food, fire and friends. Thanks also to MC Slim JB who Quick-Pic tipped me off a while back. Now what's in order after a meating of this magnitude is a big nap...and a plan for the leftovers.

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  1. This looks like a good time and some fine eatin'! I'll have what you're having.

      1. So Bubor Cha Cha was okay with you bringing food from another restaurant? Interesting.

        Bubor Cha Cha
        45 Beach St, Boston, MA 02111

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        1. re: KWagle

          Isn't it the strangest thing? Apparently it happens all the time since Quik-pik really doesn't have sufficient seating for a group. You should have seen the commotion when the piggy was taken across the street from QP to Bubor! You'da thought Larry Bird was walking down Beach Street!

        2. Wow so you can dine in at Quick Pic too? Or are they a carry out place only?

          And do they have an assortment of cantonese roast meats like roast duck, soy sauce chicken, roast crispy skin pork, char siu etc?

          And does all of it require ordering in advance or can you walk up and order things by the lb or half a duck etc?

          May I ask how much a whole crispy pig like you ordered runs?

          And if its a sit down I assume you can order other chinese dishes like veggies, rice, soup etc?

          Am a little confused how you could eat it at the Malaysian restaurant unless they're owned by the same company...

          Thanks and sorry for all the questions

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          1. re: coweepooh

            Quick Pic has a small number of tables and does serve roast meats with your choice of rice or noodles. they have a couple of kitchen items as wel but not a full menu like Hong Kong Eatery. Their prices are great and quality good (I give China Pearl Cafe a slight edge) and I usually get a take out two meats with rice and veggie plus soup for $6.00.

            Hong Kong Eatery
            79 Harrison Ave, Boston, MA 02111

            China Pearl
            237 Quincy Ave, Quincy, MA

          2. Damn, I think I'd just licked my screen. Lol
            Look's like a great time & food. Thanks for sharing pics.
            Oh, I'll take leftovers, xtra skin, please...yummm