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Simple, seasonal Italian NOT in North End

csk Aug 8, 2011 02:17 PM

Looking for a solid Italian meal for two people for a weeknight, emphasis on good homemade pasta. Would especially love a place that features seasonal ingredients (the squash blossoms are particularly beautiful at the farmer's markets right now), but not necessary.

Willing to spend 20-ish for pasta, more for secondi, so nothing too fancy (Prezza, etc).

So far I'm looking at Gran Gusto and Trattoria Toscana. Others we've been to in around the same price range are Posto (underwhlemed) and Sportello (yummy overall, but not the atmosphere we want). GG sounds to be more of a pizza place, but we don't want pizza. Or red sauce.

We're in Somerville and are willing to drive/travel, just not into the North End!


Gran Gusto
90 Sherman St, Cambridge, MA 02140

348 Congress Street, Boston, MA 02110

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  1. e
    emannths RE: csk Aug 8, 2011 02:20 PM

    Gran Gusto has excellent Neapolitan-style pizzas, but they're definitely not a pizza place. I think GG would be a good bet based on your criteria.

    Gran Gusto
    90 Sherman St, Cambridge, MA 02140

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    1. re: emannths
      teezeetoo RE: emannths Aug 8, 2011 02:24 PM

      I like both your choices (GG and TT) and I'd add La Morra, which has a very nice prix fixe menu for $35.00

      La Morra
      48 Boylston Street, Brookline, MA 02445

      1. re: teezeetoo
        Guido RE: teezeetoo Aug 8, 2011 06:31 PM

        Carlos Cucina in Brighton. Get the pork with the home made vinegar peppers

    2. i
      ImanDB RE: csk Aug 9, 2011 02:34 PM

      You should definitely check out Stella in the South End. Great, fresh Italian food. Never been disappointed. Definitely right in your price range.


      1. k
        Kinopio RE: csk Aug 9, 2011 02:41 PM

        Around this time last year I was at Erbaluce and was impressed with its use of seasonal ingredients.

        69 Church Street, Boston, MA 02116

        1. t
          treb RE: csk Aug 9, 2011 03:30 PM

          On a week day, you may want to consider Rino's in Eastie, Rosetti's or DiParma in Winthop. I'd also 2nd Gran Gusto and it's way more than za.

          Gran Gusto
          90 Sherman St, Cambridge, MA 02140

          1. m
            mortimerpickle RE: csk Aug 9, 2011 06:54 PM

            Il Casale in Belmont Center is wonderful. I hear that reservations are easy to come by since the suburban client base has all fled to the Cape and Nantucket.

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