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Aug 8, 2011 02:14 PM

1 chance to give a taste of Old Montreal

I have a supplier coming in from Texas--her first time in Montreal, only here for 1 night. So much to show her, so little time. I was wondering if there was a decent resto in Old Montreal where I could at once show her the area as well as an example of the fine dining we have to offer. Suggestions? FYI, we'll be lunching at 40West.

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  1. To start off, I would highly recommend not taking a Texan to 40 West.

    In Old Montreal Chasse et Peche, DNA,or Garde Manger..

    1. My impression from my admittedly limited experience is that you can visit Old Montreal or you can have a good dining experience, but they seem to be two separate things. Old Montreal can be lovely for a drink while sitting outside.

      1. Both Garden Manger and DNA in Old MTL for high end local meats and seafood. Toqué for French fine dining with an innovative menu of regional focus, probably the best the city has to offer. Likewise, XO Le Restaurant in the Saint James Hotel, though wouldn't be my first choice. Le Vieux St Gabriel, Restaurant L'Orignal, and (with reservation after several years of absence and several questionable reviews on this board since I've last been) Aix Cuisine de Terroir for nouveau Quebecois fare. Kitchen Galerie Poisson does terrific seafood. Chez l'Épicier is an excellent French style bistro and wine bar if you're looking for something more casual yet representative of the local restaurant scene. Da Emma first and Graziella second (imo) for Italian, if that's your fancy. I like Barroco for oysters and cocktails, it's a nice dining room and great for pre-dinner canapes and drinks if you have a res nearby (DNA or G-M) and want to show her more of what the area has to offer. Wouldn't eat dinner there though, as there's better nearby. And for Indian, Gandhi is the best of it's class in the city. You have lots of choices... I'd do Toqué if you really want to impress, though either Garde Manger or DNA would make for a more interesting and fun night out, I think. Perhaps a better reflection of local dining too.

        1. Why 40 West btw?

          If a high price menu is what you're after, you can surely do a lot better elsewhere as that's all they seem to have going.

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              I had a terrible experience with a group of friends 3-4 years ago... plates sent back, poor service, outrageously high bill. It could have been an exception as I haven't been back since, but I've read similar reports when 40w has been mentioned on these forums.

              I'm sure there's good reason - location probably being key, but that aside (while I personally wouldn't return) I just wouldn't do a West Island steakhouse with an out-of-towner new to the city and visiting for one day when there's so much.else.

              1. re: OliverB

                hmmm, now you got me thinking. maybe i'll do Elounda for lunch and then l'orignal for dinner.

                1818 Blvd Cote Vertu, Montreal, QC H2Y, CA

            2. re: OliverB

              40west simply because its the best in this neck of the woods near our office, and is one impressive dining room.

              1. re: remdog99

                If you are doing meat'n'potato at lunch, I would maybe try to do something "lighter" at dinner!

                Try to get a resrvation at Bremner, or more downtown at Ferreira or "F Bar".

                There's also Accord for wine and food pairing with a nice terrasse (as I've been told/reported).

            3. (to add to my answer ...)

              or maybe "Les 400 coups"

              Try showing your supplier something that is really montreal, smaller french-ish restaurants; not a steakhouse (IMO).