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Aug 8, 2011 01:53 PM

Help Please -Sunday between Winston-Salem/Lexington and Charlotte

I'll be travelling back from Virginia on Sunday (14 Aug), ending in Charlotte.
My tentative plan is to have BBQ around Lexington for lunch and dinner in Charlotte.
HOWEVER, it is now apparent that many places are closed on Sundays - and it's particularly difficult researching the places around Lexington, as many don't have websites. (Charlotte's a little easier).
I would appreciate a heads-up on the better places to eat (especially the BBQ - I'm assuming Lexington should be my target there) and a good place in Charlotte to wrap up my trip (currently planned as Magnolia Grill & Watts in Durham, then Town House in Chilhowie) to give me fond memories of South Carolina.

Thanks again, in advance for this, and already for the help I've got to date.
I'll raise a glass of Wink to you, even if it's not paired with a Sonker!

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  1. BBQ is going to be very hard to find on a Sunday. Other regional specialties would be dipped chicken, but Keaton's is closed too.

    You might be able to have the pork chop sandwich at Snappy Lunch in Mt. Airy - I'm not seeing anything about their hours.

    I'll continue more later....

    Snappy Lunch
    125 N Main St, Mount Airy, NC 27030

    1. I know Bridges in Shelby will be open on Sunday, and it would be worth the drive, but that's a bit out of your way. For decent BBQ, Mid-Wood Smokehouse in Charlotte over on Central, has been pleasently consistent since they opened.

      1. Go to Milners in Winston-Salem on Stratford Rd and have the fried chicken or a pimento cheese burger. I can't think of any good que open on Sunday

        1. Cook's. Jimmy's, Smiley's, and Back Country barbecue restaurants are open on Sundays in the Lexington area. Jimmy's is probably the most versatile with good Lexington Cue, Fried Chicken, and excellent BBQ Chicken., also has a nice hot dog, and good desserts. Yelp'em for directions.

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            Thanks - great help. Found stuff on Jimmy's already and looks good.

          2. College BBQ in Salisbury, NC is open on Sunday. It's not to far from I 85, which sounds like the path you are driving. They serve wood burning bbq and just remodeled the inside of their place.

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              Thanks - completely new to me and a real possibility.
              My route is 'flexible' and will depend on how much time we have, and the weather. I had targeted Lexington 'in general' because of its reputation - then hit the 'Sunday' issue.