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Aug 8, 2011 01:29 PM

Very Cheap Caterer for Office Lunch

Hi all,

We're a small, small group needing to cater a biggish lunch in downtown DC - 60 people. We were hoping to spend $3-4 per person, but here's the catch - must have vegetarian options, and preferably not pizza. Any recommendations?

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  1. Not sure of the exact cost, but I know Maoz is not that expensive (my cheap office uses them a lot) and the entire menu is vegetarian (and delicious). Falafal, fries (both regular and sweet potato) and tons of toppings.

    Another option would be Roti. I love their food and they have veggie options.

    1. Call Mitch Wool at The Bean Bag in Rockville and see what he can do. Tough to provide food and drink at $4 a head,.