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Aug 8, 2011 01:18 PM

Business is Booming at Noah’s in Stonington, CT

We had guests in from the Midwest (ex-pat New Englanders) last week and we went to Stonington to poke around and have lunch. The day was beautiful and we enjoyed the shops, homes, and marinas; and finally looped back to Noah’s.
Noah’s lunch business was booming and all tables remained filled throughout our lunch. We were seated quickly and service was good, despite the crowd.
We started with a basket of popovers, which were quite good.
Our guest ordered a big bowl of steamers, which he enjoyed. His partner had the charcoal grilled pizza and finished it all.
My wife enjoyed her Asian salad with pan-seared sea scallops
I started with a cup of RI (ie, clear) chowder and it was briny and first-rate. My entrée was fresh sautéed flounder in panko and it was excellent.
The seafood was local and absolutely fresh.
Noah’s offers an amazing array of desserts and my wife and I shared the peach & nectarine crisp with a scoop of Buck’s French vanilla ice cream. It was excellent.
Noah’s has gotten great reviews in the press and I agree that it is top-notch – one of the best on the CT Shoreline!

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  1. I agree with you! We have had some great meals there! We do not go for lunch but love dinner, especially seafood. I heard an interesting tidbit, there is a movie with Merril Streep, Tommy Lee Jones and Steve Carrell that will be filming in Stonington and one of the places they are using is Noah's.