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Aug 8, 2011 01:17 PM

Farm fresh eggs in Durham

My children go through gobs of eggs, and I would love to buy them fresh from the farm. I get them from the farmer's market whenever I can, but that's not enough enough to keep either my kids or my dh in eggs. I would love it if there were a local supply in Durham where I could just pick up fresh, preferably organic eggs whenever.

I wanted to get some yard hens, but that turns out not to be practical for us for a variety of reasons (our cat, for example).

Anyone know of any good Durham egg sources?

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  1. Guglhupf has them in the bakery.

    1. The cats shouldn't be a barrier to keeping chickens. We have 3 cats, 4 hens, and more eggs than we know what to do with. If you decide you're interested in having chickens, let me know and you can contact me off the board about it.

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      1. re: rockycat

        Well, there's the other major matter, which is that we have Orkin spray our yard with noxious chemicals once a month to get rid of mosquitoes. I'm not proud of it, but we have a very wooded back yard, and if we don't spray, my kids get massacred the second they step out the back door. I know that chickens help eat bugs, but I can't imagine they would get enough mosquitoes to make a difference. In any case, I don't know if the spray would kill the chickens or not, but even if it didn't, I would rather not have pesticide-perfumed eggs. I am sure there are other solutions, but I haven't been industrious enough to seek them out.

        1. re: durhamois

          You'd be surprised how many bugs the chickens will eat. I worked at a summer camp on a farm for two years. We had a dozen chickens plus a few guineahens. They chickens were confined to a 400 square foot yard, and the camp itself was about 10 acres, 1/3 of it was wooded. I didn't get a single bug bite in two years, despite never wearing bug spray.

      2. Next door to the Country Store on Farrington Road (near Creekside Elementary School) in Durham you'll see a driveway with a sign for Farm Fresh Brown Eggs. The farm is up that driveway.

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        1. re: igopogo

          Fantastic, igopogo, thanks! Sounds perfect.

        2. Plus Durham Farmers Market on Saturdays and Wednesdays? Would that not be enough to fill the void?

          1. The tienda next to the Kabob & Curry House on Guess Rd. had farm eggs the last time I was in there. And they are cheaper than the ones at the farmers market, 3 for a dollar IIRC.