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Aug 8, 2011 12:56 PM

Where to buy chocolate cookies for crust

Does anyone know of any grocery stores (or other) that carry plain chocolate cookies? It would be like the cookie part of an Oreo, without the filling. I need to make a cookie crust, and dont really want to buy oreos (or generic version) and have to scrape out and discard the cream.

I thought I had once seen a bag of crumbled chocolate cookies; thus specifically for baking. But I have no idea where, or even if I am just making this up in my head.

Thanks for any help!

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  1. I would use "Famous Chocolate Wafers" by Nabisco and I have found them at Giant, Safeway . . .

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    1. re: mscoffee1

      Yes the Famous Chocoalte Wafer cookies are widely available at Giant, Safeway, Wegmans.

      You can also buy Oreo premade crusts near where they have the pre-made Graham Cracker crusts.

    2. I came to Chowhound looking for advice on where to find the Nabisco Famous Chocolate Wafers and it paid off. After checking at 5 different stores, including a Safeway, I finally found some at a Giant. Thanks!

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      1. re: RainyDayLatte

        I haven't had the chance to look, but I never saw any at Wegmans (Frederick). I had been there just the day before I posted looking for cookies. maybe i missed them, or maybe that location doesn't carry them. it doesn't seem to me that the Frederick Wegmans is as good as the Loudoun County locations (and not even taking into consideration the lack of beer and wine).

        1. re: lalajane

          I just looked at and their website shows the Frederick store has them.

      2. You can also use Nabisco Chocolate Grahams or Teddy Grahams for a cookie crust.