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Aug 8, 2011 12:31 PM

Crescent Moon for Ramadan

My husband and I are looking to try Crescent Moon's Ramadan buffet. Has anyone been? Recommendations? I love their regular menu, but have never been to their buffet.

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  1. I wish I knew - I would love to hear a first-hand report.

    I do know, however, that the neighboring Holy Land Deli has a very nice Ramadan buffet - think Friday buffet only more lavish, with a nice festive ambiance.

    1. It was a few years ago, interesting climb up a few flights of stairs, nice painted murals as you climb. I only eyeballed the buffet and opte out. Can't remember specifics other than I ended up at Holyland. Would like to hear about someone who stayed and ate.

      1. Reporting back: For some reason, the buffet was on the main floor this year. Not a huge buffet, but honestly how much food do you need?
        All in all, a little dissapointed on the quality, though. It felt like their basic menu, with some of their pizza, rice, stewed meat dishes, etc, but we ultimately agreed that it wasn't the same quality as what we normally order. The fact that they were cooking in large batches to serve a lot of people came through. I recommend sticking to the menu.

        1. i'm kind of partial to the ramadan buffet at marina's on lowry and university. they have a big white tent set up in the parking lot to handle the overflow seating. friday nights, of course, are especially rockin.'

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            +1 on Marina Grill. Ordered off the menu tonight for a change (although their buffet is consistently good at any time of the year). I'm not usually attentive to price vis-a-vis volume, but $8 for a one-half of a tender, delicious chicken with rice, veg, salad, bread, and hummus was quite the deal. Everyone talks about Holy Land but I always wonder why this place doesn't have more buzz.

            Marina Grill
            4755 Central Ave NE, Minneapolis, MN 55421