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Aug 8, 2011 10:13 AM

Transition period between Chefs-- How long untill I 'm on to the next one!?

About 2 years ago.. I was lucky enough to have a GREAT Italian place open real close to me. Aprox 3 months ago thier chef just walked out without notice.... Immediatly after the food quality just plummeted. This is a very small operation, so I was expecting a brief time period of sub par food , until they were able to re-group.

I went thiere last weekend and food was just horid. I ordered , chicken picatta and got nothing even close to it. Basicly a grilled chicken breast and a lump of pasta.

How many chances do you give, until you just give up on them???

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  1. I think you've given them enough chances. i would give my business card to the owner/manager (or the info on a 3x5 card if you don't have a business card) and say: Please cntact me when you have a new full permanent chef in place, I want to continue to be your customer, but can't continue to waste money on the current food.

    This may serve a a wakeup to owner/manager and let hoim/her know that you are not dismissing the place permanently and want to return.

    1. You know, there probably is a good reason why the former chef walked out. You may never get good food there again.

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        Yeah, if they have hired a new chef who is any good, 3 months is more than enough time for him/her to get the menu back into place. I wonder if they have even hired a new chef?

        1. re: babette feasts

          I highly doubt they hired another lead chef. Maybe some line cooks to help take up slack, but its certainly not the same food.

          Bagelman you have a pretty good idea.... This place is not in a great area and only became known because of the quality of food they had.. I hate saying this but sometimes MONEY can destroy a place, this might be a great wake up call to the owner

          1. re: Augie6

            I take it that the menu has not changed, but the food has? The prices have not changed either? Just vote with your feet. Why pay for a crummy meal?