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Aug 8, 2011 09:57 AM

Latest Charlie's burger dinner last night

Hi CHers

I was at the dinner last night, was anyone else? I gotta say that at first I was very excited I was chossen but then thought about the price...$250!! My wife and I always wanted to go to one so just made the leap.

The dinner consisted of 12 chefs and 12 course (really 11 and 1 drink course). I don't have time to post the munu right now but promiss to post later.

I really wanted to see if anyone else was there and what they thought, I enjoyed it but not sure if it was worth the money.

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  1. I had an invite but had to decline due to a last minute business trip. The menu sounded fantastic. I'm very curious to hear the reviews.

    You can download it here:

    More info on the Champagne served:

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      Thanks for posting the menu and champagne info vidkid.

      We ended up at barchef on queen after being directed to 416 snack bar on bathurst and "look for a man on a wine barrel for further instructions". The meal started around 7:30 and didn't end until 12:30, this is a late night for me especially on a sunday that's for sure.

      They really seemed like they were pushing the champagne as our host gave a discription of the champagne twice. I liked the chmpagne but don't agree that it went with all courses.

      Very well exciquted menu, the chef would come out as his dish was being served and explain why he thinks his dish went well with the champagne pairing.

      My top three dishes were (in this order), Parmesan custard shaved beef tongue, Crispy veal brain, Escargot croquette. real close behind was the hand made orecchiette, horse tenderloin and raw quallicum bay scallops followed by the rabbit and heirloom tomato crusted amberjack. I'm not a dessert guy so I have to say I wasn't crazy about the desserts and by that time I was tired and had too much champagne.

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        BTW these pictures are not in the order of what I liked the best they are in order of the menu. Here are the balance of the dishes. Really didn't like the strawberry soup.

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          Thanks very much for posting the pics. Was it worth the $250? How were the chef attendees? Ambience?

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            keep in mind that it was 250 per person...was it worth it? Let's put it this way I'm glad I had the opportunity to attend, but I will not attend another dinner if it's around the same price. I would consider attending a less expensive dinner.

            The chefs were great, very enthusistic when they explained their dishes. Ambience, they had a DJ that played some teckno music that I wasn't crazy about but it was more in the background, not too loud. The people I was seated around were very nice, very excited to experience the dishes and easy to talk to.

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            The portions look huge. Even over the 5 hours, was it hard to finish?

            1. re: graydyn

              The portions were not huge at the end of the meal I was full but not stuffed.

      2. From the look of the menu, is it $250 a couple (you and your wife) all inclusive ?

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          It was $250 per person including the wine - not sure how gratuities work with Charlie as I've never been interested enough to spend the money.

          1. re: Cat123

            It's $250 per person all inclusive total $500