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Aug 8, 2011 09:55 AM

Uses of an Immersion Blender

Hello everyone I just got an early Christmas present a Kitchen Aid immersion blender. Not something I had wanted and not quite sure what all to do with it. What do you do with your immersion blender?

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  1. The instructions packet that comes with the immersion blender includes care and use, and recipes, among other things. Have you read it? We use ours mostly to puree soups and make mayonnaise, etc. Makes great smoothies too.

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    1. re: DPGood

      I have not yet found my instructions pamphlet. I took everything out of the box and got crazy busy visiting. So 5 days later finally cleaning up no pamphlet to be found. It's got to be around here some where. I just wanted to see what different things people do. Besides soup and smoothies.

      1. re: MrsCupcake

        You can probably dowload it from the Kitchen Aid site if you don't find yours. We use ours for smoothies, pureeing small amounts of stuff that needs to be pureed, and most importantly, for just plunging into a big soup pot and pureeing it rather than having to do it in messy batches in a blender. You can also whip small amounts of cream with the whisk attachment. We use ours more in the winter, to be honest, because that's when I make creamy soups.

        1. re: Isolda

          I can't wait to make creamy soup to try it out. That is such a pain to transfer to the blender then to another clean pot. So time consuming and dirties a lot of dishes. If I don't find the pamphlet I will try the website thanks for the tip.

          1. re: MrsCupcake

            Hint, Gazpacho season is here! Go for it!

    2. Dishes that are better liquified but you don't feel like taking out the blender... ex: pureed soups like creamy broccoli, butternut squash, etc.

        1. - A Poem About Mayonnaise? -

          A Blender at the end of a stick,

          will make you mayo very quick!

          With all your ingredients at the temp of the room,

          how could your mayonnaise fail to bloom?

          If the width of the jar is nearly the same,

          as the end of the stick then you're in the game.

          To a one quart jar add the egg of a chicken,

          both yellow and white and your mayonnaise will thicken.

          On top of the egg way down in the jar,

          add vinegar, spices and you will go far.

          Now carefully pour on top of the stuff,

          the oil of your choice, but just use enough.

          Turn off the stick, press the egg to the bottom,

          now turn it on and we almost have got'um.

          When you see mayo at the end of the stick,

          slowly pull upward that's part of the trick.

          With the blender now at the top of the jar,

          it's mayo you wanted so there you are!

          Though Mayo's a matter of personal taste,

          when it's around me it won't go to waste.

          Finding Hellmann's or even the Food that is Best,

          depends on whether you're east or you're west.

          But wherever you end your food buying trip,

          you always will find they have Miracle Whip!

          - Antilope

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          1. re: Antilope

            Love this! It may become my new mayo recipe.

          2. Mix paint, mow a very small lawn, trim your nails.

            Ok, once you start using it you will wonder how you ever lived without it. Excellent for making mayo, as mentioned above, yorkshire pudding, salad dressings, gravies etc, etc. Hopefully it came with a tall slim bowl as it works best for things like mayo.

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            1. re: Scary Bill

              People keep mentioning mayo. I have never made my own mayo. How long does it last? That is what holds me back from making it that I would have to eat it all in a few days.

              1. re: MrsCupcake

                Depends on the acidity in your recipe. We've used it in a few days as when we have made it, it has been for a specific purpose. From my standpoint though, inasmuch as an immersion blender does make very good mayo, so does Hellmans with less fuss. And they have insurance.

              2. re: Scary Bill

                Agree on how you lived without it. I bought one for the 2nd house, and have not missed my blender!