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Aug 8, 2011 09:12 AM

Baseball Weekend in Baltimore with a Toddler

My husband and I will be heading down to Baltimore to see our beloved Tigers play the O's next weekend and we're looking for dining recommendations. We've been to Baltimore for baseball weekends before, but this time we're bringing our 21-month-old daughter, so we need places that are toddler friendly. She's usually very well behaved and we're willing to eat early if that's what's expected for people with kids. We're staying in the Inner Harbor area near the ball park, but from what I remember, that's mostly chain restaurants and we do NOT eat at chains when we travel. We won't have access to a car, but we're New Yorkers so long walks and semi-sketchy neighborhoods don't bother us if there's really good food involved. Steamed crabs are a must. Last time, we ate at a pretty good crab place on the water that was a decent walk from the Inner Harbor, but I can't remember the name. We're open to all kinds of food and we'd really like Sunday brunch before the baseball game somewhere. Thanks for your help!

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  1. brunch- Miss Shirley
    dinner- The Black Olive,
    crabs- Nicks, Obrycki
    foodie opps- sunday morning is the downtown Baltimore Farmers Market- go early. great grazing

    Miss Shirley's
    750 E Pratt Street, Baltimore, MD 21202

    Black Olive
    814 S. Bond Street, Baltimore, MD 21231

    1. I recommend Doc's advice over my own in that neighborhood. But consider taking a water taxi to Doc's suggestions. They run between the Inner Harbor, Harbor East and Fells Point. A boat ride could be good fun for a toddler and might let you walk farther out if you know you're riding back.

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        Water taxi from harbor to fells point. Get ice cream, or grab a beer atone of the many pubs. Eat Bertha's Mussels, get pizza at BOP. Good idea

      2. Another on-the-water crab possibility is Captain James Landing on Aliceanna St at Boston St. They have an outdoor crab deck as well as some indoor seating. I think there may be a water taxi stop there as well.

        Captain James Landing
        2127 Boston St, Baltimore, MD 21231

        1. Thanks everybody! I'm looking forward to trying a lot of these places this weekend!

          1. I live in baltimore and have two toddlers. If you want pretty good and super kid friendly, I highly recommend the indian and nepali lunch buffet at Kumari. Also, Tabor is close by and is a very authentic, inexpensive ethiopian restaurant that is good for young kids.

            Kumari Restaurant
            911 N Charles St Ste B, Baltimore, MD 21201