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Lobster Claw in Surf City

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Someone on here mentioned the Lobster Claw in Surf City (LBI). Wanted to say we tried it this weekend for takeout. All of us liked our meals which included friend scallops, lobster cakes, cocount shrimp and fresh tuna. I'm a real scallop snob and these were very fresh. My sister said her lobster cakes were very good. The coconut shrimp were very tasty and fresh. Didn't try the fries, but everyone said they were good. Hushpuppies were also fresh and tasty. The bad: positively the worst, crappiest, full of MSG cole slaw I may have ever tasted. We love cole slaw in our family of all types, so our bar is probably pretty high. This was the crap that is mass produced and lasts for about a year in the frig. You know the kind that gives your tongue a tang? What's up with that.? How hard is it make a halfway decent cole slaw? I'd return, but take my advice and skip the slaw!

Lobster Claw
3 N Long Beach Blvd, Surf City, NJ 08008

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  1. Thanks mschow, Have been hearing better reports on this restaurant after years of "eh...it's ok". I'll have to give it a try, sans cole slaw. Maybe this Friday? Will update :)