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Aug 8, 2011 08:48 AM

Shishito peppers in brooklyn


I am hoping to find a place that sells shishito peppers in brooklyn. I have been making blistered shishitos at home and would love to not have to schlep into the city to buy them at chelsea market or the union sq. farmers' market. I checked Fairway and they don't seem to have them, but I was wondering if anyone knows of an asian bodega somewhere in south brooklyn that might.


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  1. I haven't not seen them in a store recently, though purchased them yesterday at the Cobble Hill or Carrol Garden Green Market.. Whichever is right in front of 153 smith st..

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    1. I've been on the same search for a long while. Kept an eye on the Japanese store on North 9th and the Korean owned fruit stand on Manhattan that carried what I need for kimchi. Happy to say I located them in Woodside at the Han Ah Reum. Not Brooklyn but also not city.

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        I've purchased them frequently at Midoriya on north 9th in williamsburg (they're sold in small plastic bags). I've also gotten them at a small Japanese grocery in Forest Hills. Some stands at the greenmarket have had them in season too.

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          Chompchomp, is that the Japanese Grocery Store on the Eastern end of Austin Street off of Ascan?