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Aug 8, 2011 08:39 AM

Pudong restaurants & where's the "new" wujiang lu

Staying in Pudong at the Park Hyatt which I'm so excited for. Not planning on any great adventures this trip, food or otherwise, but is there anything to eat in Pudong that's really exceptional?

I imagine it's all hotel dining and it would be mostly high end. Usually I stay in Shanghai proper and hit up street food and seek out noodle joints but it's hot and I'm mostly staying there for a rest before going south for business.

Still any thoughts? I suppose the subway is right there so I could always go into Shanghai for something great if there is a suggestion.

BTW I heard they moved most of the Wujiang Lu vendors to an indoor food mall. Is that true and where is it? Does it have AC? Another question is where is the closest Yang's Dumplings to Pudong.

thanks all!

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