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Aug 8, 2011 08:38 AM

Where can I buy chef pants?

Hi there,
Going to culinary school and need to purchase chef pants. Can anyone recommend a place in Seattle to purchase? I'd order online but want to try on first.

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  1. I think Dick's restaurant supply on 1st Ave S near home depot may have some. Otherwise, i like Chefwear, but their baggy style is really baggy, so I prefer the 'relaxed'. Currently I have these:

    1. over the years, i've been pleased with CULINARY CLASSICS <> which carries an extensive range of styles and cuts and will happily make and ship a single garment.

      1. Costco Business Center in Lynnwood has them.

        1. Seattle Restaurant on north Aurora, Shoreline

          1. Not needing pants, I haven't looked, but check Bargreen Ellingson.