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Aug 8, 2011 07:19 AM

Spectacular baking chocolate / cocoa?

I use mostly callebaut bittersweet & unsweetened (in blocks) and Ghirardelli bittersweet chips. I get my natural cocoa powder from King Arthur & I just bought some dutched cocoa from Lake Champlain chocolate. I bake many things that depend on good chocolate flavor, like this ( and I always wonder if I could be doing better by them. I'd be up for putting in a chocosphere order, but the options are completely overwhelming. What baking chocolates / cocoas do you love? Links to other threads appreciated. TIA.

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  1. Valrhona dark chocolate feves (they come in different percentages/names at Whole Foods) and Valrhona cocoa, packaged in tubs, sold there also. If you wanna go really batty, you can have them order an entire bag for your baking pleasure. I know this because I now have a 6.9 # bag of their ivoire.

    Other spectacular cocoa I found (and can't get unless I make another trip to Quebec) is Erico Choco-Musee's Poudre de Cacao L'Extra Brut. So sad they won't ship to the states. Truly intense.

    I do like Callebaut, too, but find the feves so much easier to work with. The flat ovals are much less a PITA to chop, melt, etc.

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      I, too, buy my Valrhona cocoa powder in bulk from Chocosphere. In fact, I buy it in packs of 3 giant bags and split it w/ my friend and mom. All of us find it impossible to bake without good cocoa now that we're spoiled.

    2. I used to use Valrhona cocoa powder but I find the flavor has become harsher over the years (as has that of their chocolate, to my palate). I just purchased a tub of Callebaut cocoa on the advice of CI and some threads here, and so far I'm very happy with it, although I haven't had a chance to make anything with it that is a showcase for cocoa powder. As for chocolate, I generally use the Callebaut blocks simply because I think they offer an excellent quality:price ratio and they're easy to find. The Callebaut callets are great too.

      1. Have you ever used the double dark cocoa from KA? That's good too.

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          I've wondered about it and meant to purchase when I put a KA order together as it sounds like the cocoa I described from Quebec. I know you're not asking me, but that never stops me from chiming in. ;) It really does sound good.

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            I haven't used the KA double dark. Kattyeyes - thanks for chiming in - the more opinions the better!

          2. Ah HA! Why I couldn't pull this up earlier I don't know:

            1. pernigotti is my all time favorite cocoa. it's dutched, and scented with vanilla. i used to get it at williams-sonoma, but amazon has a great deal, about $30 with shipping for 2.2 pounds.