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Aug 8, 2011 06:54 AM

MochaBleu in Teaneck

The negative reviews about MochaBleu, and our own disappointing experience with some of the baked goods that we bought for take-out when the place first opened, have, until now, kept us from checking out the restaurant. At the same time the lure of the attractive modern decor has always tempted us to try it for ourselves.

Yesterday, a Sunday, during the 9 days, we finally gave in. We got there at about 4 in the afternoon, and the place was fairly empty. (As we continued our meal the place filled up with a family crowd.)Our first impression was not good, as the floors were dirty with scraps of food. To begin, I had the onion soup, which was nothing special, and my husband ordered the onion rings, which were also just so-so.

From here on, our dining experience began to turn around for the better. For our mains, I had the tilapia scampi on a bed of cappelini. The portion of tilapia was generous; the fish tasted very fresh, and flavorful; and the capellini was al dente, and very tasty as well. My husband's nice sized portion of eggplant parmegian was also very good , although it wasn't served as hot as it should have been. The desserts we chose were the cheesecake, and the chocolate chunk milkshake, which were both really yummy.

Our waitress was sweet, and pleasant, and the service was pretty good. All in all, despite the negatives which I would like to see improved, we will definitely be back.

For others, I think that this place is worth a try.

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    1. I tried Mocha Bleu for the first time recently, also on a Sunday during the nine days. We sat outside in the patio area and our waiter was helpful and funny. I tried the Mediterranean stromboli and the caprese panini, both were delicious. Everyone was very happy with their food and commented on the fresh ingredients. One thing that surprised me was that the bakery items are pareve. I was really hoping that in a dairy restaurant they'd be using butter, but no such luck. The milkshakes are the one actually dairy dessert - we got the chocolate one, which I would have preferred without the chocolate chunks, but my husband happily finished it. I would definitely return!