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Aug 7, 2011 07:02 PM

Going to Naples

I am going to be in Naples for 5 days for work and I wanted to get some suggestions for good dining midrange cost. I've been there once before and the meals were hit & miss. I am interested in classic Italian fare local to the region.



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  1. Here's my take from a weeklong trip six months ago. I was staying in the Vomero district, but the good restaurants I ate in up there are all right by the funicular, so they are quite easy to get to. I also ate in many other parts of the city.

    1. Naples is a great eating city! where will you be staying and working?

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        I will likely be staying near the navy base at Capodichino. I don't know that much about the area.

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          If you find yourself repeatedly around the train station getting to and from central Naples, the restaurant Mimi alla Ferrovia is very close by and has very good food. It is very much a local businessmen's restaurant, with prices mid-range and a notch lower. On two occasions being there, the staff seemed to have a split mind about new faces The greeting from some was warm and expansive, from others the treatment was unsmiling and rushed. Cooking is classically Neopolitan, with lots of variety in the daily menu.

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            you are out by the airport. I dont know much about eating in that area either. will try to find some info for you. there is lots of info about eating in the historic center, but you will have to find a bus to get to it. if you so a search, or even look at the threads listed below.

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          1. Hello
            Thank you for a great report.
            Is Trattoria a Pignata open for dinner and not just lunch? It sounds wonderful.
            Thank you

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              Yes, I believe it is open for dinner, too. Pignata was only full of locals and the menu was in Napolitano- not Italian. I got the scoop on the street from locals (that is what I do when I travel and I can speak one of their languages). It's a bit off the main road, but TOTALLY WORTH IT. The food is amazing and prices are very reasonable. Let me know how you like it and mention that I recommended them...I wonder if they remember me :)

              1. re: florenceinsider

                should I refer to you as "florenceinsider"?
                given my sense of direction, could you give any tips on how to find it in relation to some major nearby landmark?
                thank you!

                1. re: angelaangel

                  Trattoria A Pignata is in the Quartieri Spagnoli, just a block or so off Via Toledo, a main street. It is near the Montesanto Metro.
                  There is a map on the Restaurant page linked below which will show you the location. There are lots of similar restaurants in this general area - for example Nennella and Hosteria Toleda are close by. If you click on the box below the map for this restaurant you will see other nearby places, too.

                  If you expect to be walking and travelling around naples, you should get a map, or a guidebook with a map - it will help you get oriented and keep you out of trouble!

                  Here is a link to the Naples transit site

                  A Pignata
                  Vico Lungo del Gelso 110/112, Naples, Campania 80134, IT

                  1. re: jen kalb

                    adding links

                    Vico Lungo Teatro Nuovo 103, Naples, Campania , IT

                    Hosteria Toledo
                    Vico Giardinetto, 78, Naples, Campania 80132, IT

                  2. re: angelaangel

                    Yes, you can refer to me as F.I. and Jen Kalb has very nicely given you excellent directions! Hope you have a great time. Be sure to go to Sorbillo for Pizza Margherita, too (it's excellent):
                    If you don't get to Sorbillo, don't worry, there is great pizza to be had in MANY places in Italy.

                    Via dei Tribunali, 32, Naples, Campania , IT

                    1. re: florenceinsider

                      ok, F.I. it is!
                      Thank you everyone for your help with this. You have been a great help. I'm posting a new thread question re: bars and pastry in Naples, as it strikes me a different subject.