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Aug 7, 2011 06:04 PM

Mario Batali's Michigan place

I follow him on Twitter. His MIchigan place looks beautiful (surroundings). Where is it?

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  1. If you do the Michigan thing with your hand (right hand palm up) his place is near the top of your ring finger, in the Traverse City area.

    It IS beautiful up there...Lake Michigan beaches are some of the most lovely in the world, and fresh water to boot.

    Damn...going up north in two weeks...can't WAIT.

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    1. re: coney with everything

      You ARE lucky! We are thinking of renting up near there. Every time I see his postings, makes me want to go. I figure if it is impressive and peaceful enough for him, then I will be more than happy. We are thinking of going for our relatives' Canadian Thanksgiving so we can catch some fall colors.
      If I search that area, is it Traverse City I want. He commented on a Saturday market he went to. I am hoping to go to one too.

      1. re: coney with everything

        I think it's in Northport, MI, which is actually more like the very tip of the pinkie (sp?) finger, but still the same general gorgeousness. I visited there years ago before Batali located there.

        Traverse City might suit the OP better. Northport only has a few hundred residents, whereas Traverse City, about 20 miles south of Northport, is a bigger place with finer dining and a better location to drive to nearby wineries and sights. Northport is way at the end of a peninsula.

        1. re: Bada Bing

          Thanks! Will do some research for a rental for a fall weekend.

          1. re: itryalot

            It's a truly beautiful area. Gives the northern California coastline a run for its money. Consider the cities of Petosky and Charlevoix, as well. Best to have a car and see the whole area. Look up the Sleeping Bear Dunes, too.

            If you're into wine, check those wineries out. It's been almost ten years for me, but I recall that Peninsula Cellars up there was making a Riesling wine in a style that seemed to me on a par with genuine Alsatian dry Rieslings--not something I've known any other North American winery to pull off.

        2. re: coney with everything

          Coney, I have to disagree: The "Michigan thing" I grew up with is left hand, palm facing away (that way, you can use your right hand as the UP a bit more easily)... but I digress.

          Thank you all for the information; I had no idea that Mario Batali had a place in Michigan, and I'm glad he thinks highly of the area. I was born and raised in Southwest Michigan and recently relocated back to the area. I spent most of my childhood summers on Walloon Lake (a fairly large inland lake near Petosky), and it's positively gorgeous (albeit a bit out of our price range to purchase property at the moment, unfortunately). It's nice to hear some positive media coverage about Michigan that doesn't focus on the southeast side.

        3. This month's issue of Bon Apetit has an article about this. Made me want to move there.

          1. Link to Batali article is below. Looks fabulous. I may have to try and convince my Cdn cousins to do our Cdn Thanksgiving up there in October. By then, the busy season will be over and the cool weather will make it wonderful.


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            1. re: itryalot

              and it will be awesome timing for fall color!

              If you do decide to go, come to the Great Lakes board for recommendations.