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Aug 7, 2011 05:41 PM

One Night in Beijing!


I'm a student who has spent the summer studying Chinese in Harbin (northeastern China). We head back to Beijing this weekend before flying out on Monday. Other than Dongbei specialties, Harbin has been lacking, so we're looking for some great food (moderately priced) for our last night in China.

Any suggestions for fun and reasonably priced places in Beijing? And after 2 months here, we'll take recs for ANY type of restaurant!


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  1. My vote would be for Wangfujing night market. But that is all food stalls, not indoor sitdown. All the restaurants I've eaten at have been on the expensive side, tourist destination beijing duck places and the like. Tourist or not Quan Ju De is great IMO.

    1. What would you consider moderately priced? Personally, unless you haven't really been outside of Harbin, I wouldn't waste time at the Donghuamen Food Street (what I believe the other poster is referring to), it is very touristy, not very good, and could get pretty expensive fast.

      I'd say why not splurge since its your last night, Da Dong is a really good choice for an excellent duck meal and if you're only a pair, you can keep it to just the duck and a veggie dish and not have it be too pricey.

      The other option is to go down market, head to a place like Kuan Dian or Chuan Fu and have a lot of chuanr (kebabs) of lamb, chicken wings, and pretty much anything else you can think of with a couple of cold dishes and beers (you could also do this at a lot of street spots for a very "local" experience).

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        We would be okay to "splurge," I just mean that as a student, to "splurge" is all relative, so maybe up to 100-120 RMB a person, but not dollars.

        Also, we've all had duck meals before in Beijing, so do you have any other suggestions for relatively nice restaurants that don't focus on roasted duck?

        Thanks in advance!!!