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Aug 7, 2011 05:37 PM

Application error for Chow lists ... for a few days now

Given the work being done, I waited a while to see if this was just infrastructure WIP. Here's one example.

I hope personal lists are not going away. When the 'been there/wanna go' feature went in I specifically asked if Chow lists were going away so I could save off significant info I have saved there.

I don't particularily care if the feature goes away, but I would like the opportunity to copy it first.

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  1. Lists definitely aren't meant to go away, nor to be broken at present. Unfortunately, we can't edit your list to check for the error. Could you reply with a screen shot of the problem?

    EDIT: Managed to track down the problem. Not sure quite what to make of it yet, but we'll keep you posted. Thank you for letting us know.