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Aug 7, 2011 04:26 PM

Need help with my Staub pot

I received two Staub pots as wedding gifts-one is a big dutch oven that looks like an onion (thing is GORGEOUS!) and one is the cocette. We didn't register so people just bought us nice stuff!! So I have NO IDEA what to do with these. Is there a cookbook floating out there somewhere? There are some recipes that came with the pieces but I can tell that these babies can do a variety of beautiful things. Please help!

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    1. There is a cookbook called 'All About Braising' that has recipes that would work in your cocotte. Also, just searching around online you should be able to find tons of recipes. Just look for "braising recipes" or "dutch oven recipes". There is also a recipe for no-knead bread that you can make in a cocotte.

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        I second the suggestion for Molly Stevens "All About Braising." and would add the Cook's Illustrated "Best Slow and Easy Recipes." My copies have dozens of Post-It notes marking good recipes.

      2. You've gotten some very good advice so far. I'll just give you a couple of the things we use ours for. The neat thing about them is you can use them for stove top and oven, so it works out extremely well for something like a pot roast where you brown it on the stove top and then cook it in the oven. I also do Chicken Vesuvio similarly to how you would cook a pot roast. Essentially, any meat you may want to brown and then bake works out in the cocotte. We actually have three sizes 2.25 qt, 5 qt, and 8.8 qt. You can do large batches of chilli, or shripm creole, or something as simple as baked beans. They are very versitle for anything that cooks low and slow.