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Aug 7, 2011 04:20 PM

Last stop Madrid

My last stop will be Madrid and the place I will buy most of treats and gifts for friends. Is there a particular place or store that carries some fine food items like olive oil, cured meats (are we allowed to bring back cured meats?), wine...etc. Recommendations on must get items are welcomed too

Also looking for chocolate shops.

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  1. You could kill two birds with one stone and hit the olive oil store and chocolate store in Alonso Martínez:

    Cacao Sampaka
    Calle Orellana, 4

    Patrimonio Comunal Olivarero
    calle Mejía Lequerica, 1.
    (open M-F, 10-2pm; 5-8pm)

    And also a cheese store close by:

    Argensola, 27

    The El Corte Inglés in Preciados has a gourmet store and supermarket where you can find many things in one place.

    Whether you can bring back cured meat would depend on where you are from (you can't take it into the US legally). High-quality canned ventresca (tuna), anchovies, pimientos del piquillo, white asparagus, berberechos (cockles), etc. are always good.

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      Thank you!! Yes, I will be traveling back to the U.S.


      Whether you can bring back cured meats depends on where you live, and how much risk you care to take.