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Aug 7, 2011 04:03 PM

Suggestions needed for "50th" birthday dinner

A special dinner for a special girl on a special day......hubby is taking me out for my 50th. We are looking for a place with great food, service and ambiance. All suggestions appreciated.

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  1. Some specifics on things like location, price range and type of food may help narrow things down a bit.

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      Northern NJ area although Monmouth County by our shore home is OK as well. Price doesn't matter on this day ;) and food can either be Italian, French or Continental.

    2. You need to provide some specifics. Where specifically in NJ do you want to have this dinner? Do you want casual or fancy? Cuisine preferences? And give us your per person budget for *food only*, keeping in mind that you will have to drinks, tax & 20% tip.

      1. Adding on a PS......Northern NJ or Monmouth County...Italian, French or Continental. Price for this dinner isn't a concern since it's a special day.

        1. In Northern NJ, I would suggest Picnic in Fair Lawn, Chefs Table in Franklin Lakes, 5 Seasons which just opened in Ridgewood has gotten some great press, St Eve's in Hohokus, The Vine in Basking Ridge area (a little further), or saddle river inn are some of my favorites for a nicer night.