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Aug 7, 2011 03:17 PM

Diners in the Chester county/Lancaster county vicinty?

Can anyone recoomend some good diners in the Ches Co/Lancaster Co area? I'm just looking for decent food and prices and a place that is also open for dinner.

Any reports from the new 4 Brothers Diner in Gap or Jennie's diner on Rt. 30 near the Rockvale Outlets?

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  1. For recommendations in the Lancaster area, which includes Gap and the outlet area, you might try posting on the Pennsylvania board.

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    1. re: CindyJ

      Thanks, Cindy J. I might try that. I wasn't sure where to post because Chester County gets put in the Philly boards but Lancaster is in the PA boards. Wish we could have one thread post to 2 boards simultaneously.

      I live out in the Western Main Line so I'm close to western Chester County and eastern Lancaster County.

    2. I haven't been there in probably 12 years, but I used to LOVE Jennie's Diner on route 30. From what I remember: Great food, ridiculously giant serving sizes and great prices.

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        Where, exactly, is Jennie's Diner? I'm asking because I travel out Rt. 30 to Lancaster quite often, and there's a diner that was near Miller's that burned down recently.

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          Thanks, b1979. I'm going to have to try Jennie's soon.

        2. It's just west of the outlets, on Rt. 30. I hope it didnt' burn down!

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            Drove past Jennies Saturday. It was still there and open.

            There was a derelict diner not far away that looked like it may have had a fire. Golden Gate-or something similar.

            1. re: brookquarry

              That's probably the one I noticed.

          2. There's the Smoketown Diner on Philadelphia Pike near 896 in Smoketown. Never been so can't recommend it. Are you after a genuine rr car diner or just a place with a big menu?

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            1. re: danbee1

              Either or works for me, the more the merrier. I'm just looking for some good diners to go to that aren't to far. Chester County or just over the line in the Eastern Lancaster County.