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Aug 7, 2011 02:25 PM

Saul (Briskets) Ettinger's stepson to open Ettinger's Deli

Driving in Lasalle today, I saw a sign "Ettinger's Deli" open soon. Its a huge building that used to house a Napa Auto Parts store on Newman. Curious, I googled and found this
According to the site, Saul Ettinger opened the old Briskets as well as Il Etait Un Fois, and Linguinis on the 40. Apparently his stepson is going to open Ettinger's Deli as a hommage to all 3 places.
Looks like they're going to feature in-house smoked meat. Interesting concept.

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  1. 30 years is hardly a "legacy" in terms of being a smoked meat institution here in Montreal. It's probably a good track record for a restaurant to be in business that long, but though Briskets came on the scene 30 years ago, they certainly didn't last that long. In fact, are there any open still? They state there were 12 Briskets franchises in and around Montreal. What happened? 12 restos all going out of business doesn't look good. Even Dilallo's, which at one time expanded to multiple locations, only to see most of them close up, has two or three outlets still in operation.

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      I figure the stepson is simply trying to inflate the "legacy" and drum up a nostalgic reputation.

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        Isn't there still a Briskets on Beaver Hall Hill?

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          There is a Montreal Briskets on Beaver Hall, not sure if it is the same as Briskets. Went to an event catered by them (Montreal Briskets) and didn't find their smoked meat to be very good. Better then Nickel's/Belle Province, but very far from Schwartz.

          Beaver Hall
          1073, Cote du Beaver Hall, Montreal, QC H2Z 1S5, CA

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            Its not the same owner it is owneed by the guy who bought the franchise

      2. Interesting only if properly executed; I didn't like Briskets (and I think they're all defunct) and Il √Čtait une Fois was pretty torturous back in the day. Hopefully they'll have learnt to leave the less than stellar back in the past.

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            1. Their website is great. The informercial that plays by default talks about a dining revolution and then proceeds to enumerate a list of deep fried crap. "our menu is varied and exciting and our kitchen is uncompromising and includes homemade delights such as our guiness beer battered fish and chips, fried mushrooms, onion rings, as well as our delectable sweet potato fries, and incomporable smoked meat eggrolls, join the dining revolution"

              So they got their menu from Dunns and their logo from Baton Rouge. yikes

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                In the video on this page, the owner talks about how amazing the burgers were while a food stylist prepares a model for the sham http://www.ettingers.ca/en/media.php LOL

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                  Got to watch 1.5 video interviews.
                  I cringed through the entire Luxembourg thing (that guy seems a little self-loving...I'd bet that he is the #1 money guy and made sure his interview was the first default video as you hit the site...). Then I watched half the Saul Ettinger video. This guy does not seem to get too excited, but he was telling a good story.
                  Will finish watching later including the other guys.
                  Passed by Friday night and they now seem open. I'll likely try it in a few weeks.

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                    That Luxenberg video is pretty sad/hilarious. He's writing two books(!?!). Something tells me they spent a lot more time working on their branding than on the actual food.

                    When real-estate guys and lawyers open restaurants...

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                      That guy must watch himself talk in the mirror... wow.

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                    enjoy our homemade smoked meat sandwich with a glass of "merlot" !!!!

                    It looks like a big informercial!!

                    This got to be a joke.

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                      "It looks like a big informercial!!"
                      Hit the nail DIRECTLY on the head.