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Aug 7, 2011 01:38 PM

Stoing liquor on it's side?

A relative recently made up a cabinet/sideboard deal that we want to use as a liquor cabinet/bar. The problem is, the actual cabinet part is too short for many (most) of our bottles such as Ri(1) or Metaxa. It is set up really nice to store bottles on the side, because he was thinking more for wine, so I was wondering if I can store the liquor on its side or is the risk of leakage too big do you think?

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  1. I'd be nervous; it seems inevitable that sooner or later somebody would leave a cap a bit loose, especially if after a few drinks they're a bit loose themselves...

    If there's room, maybe you could put in a few shelves at an angle?

    1. If it's screw top, it should be fine as long as it's on tight, but spirits with a cork should be stored standing up as the high alcohol content can degrade the cork leading to leakage and oxidation.

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        Beat me too it sku. My thoughts exactly

      2. I have made a sticky mess doing this very thing. I try hard to avoid it now.

        1. Havana Club rum used to leak on it's side through the thin cheap aluminum twist off, before it was ever opened.They have since upped quality control to plastic twist offs that finally work. I would carefully examine the seal of each bottle stowed on its side. Beware the Galliano!

          1. That's what I was afraid particular with the wooden cork bottles. I think I'm going to craft up a neck brace to lift up the bottles in the glass-top drawer on top, try and keep a few bottles on the top and as much as I can in the short cabinet.....sigh.