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Aug 7, 2011 01:03 PM

Kosher in Mystic, CT

Are there any kosher restaurants close by to Mystic Seaport/Mystic Aquarium?

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  1. When we went to Mystic a couple years ago, we brought all of our food with us. Unfortunately there were no kosher restaurants nearby. Still had a lovely time- nice place to visit.

    1. Read the Claire's New Haven thread. Great food right on the way to Mystic

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      1. re: jeffrosenbaum

        Why assume that any visitor to Mystic is driving up 95 from NY. Claire's is not on the way to Mystic from Hartford, Boston, Providence or even Montreal.

        Luckydog never said he's passing through New Haven

        1. re: bagelman01


          Because only a New York Jew would imagine the possibility of a kosher restaurant in or near Mystic CT. No Jew in Hartford, Boston, Providence or even Montreal would ask such a question because out-of-town Jews know how few there are out there - Jews or kosher restaurants ;-)

          1. re: AdinaA

            Sorry, I can't agree with you, and I was born and raised in New Haven and except for college have lived within 30 minutes of New Haven for 57+ years (even though maintaining an apartment in Brooklyn for weekend use during my single years).

            During the early 2000s Shop-Rite in New London opened with a full service kosher dept. Butcher, baker, deli. one could get sandwiches and prepared meals as well. If we were going to Mystic, or The Rhode Island beaches we would stop for food. We often drove there for our meat order as well. Many Jews drove down to the shore from Hartford area as well and this was a food stop.
            Years earlier the Zablonsky family owned Shop-Rite in Norwich (not part of the chain) also had a full service butcher/deli.
            Both places advertised in the Anglo Jewish nespaper serving all of Connecticut.

            Out of town Jews know that it is possible to get kosher food without going to NY. Soince the New London Area has multiple synagogues, a day school, etc it is not unreasonable to find something. There are even 2 summer shuls on the shore

            As for Claire's in New Haven, and Edge of the Woods as well (another great dairy/veg choice with parking), the Jews in New Haven long ago figured out that non-Jewish owned non-meat restaurants that could be put under kosher supervision had a far greater chance of thriving and surviving than kosher restaurants that can't operate 7 days a week and don't appeal to the general population. (somewhat similar to the Indian veg restaurants under kosher supervision).

            New Haven has a long history of failed kosher meat restaurants. from Kosher Burger Drive In (in a failed Wetson's location) to many delis and a Kosher Chinese in Amity Shopping center. Bad food, bad service, high prices and not enough observant Jews who eat out to make it work.
            The Claire's/Edge of the Woods model makes better sense out of town.

              1. re: AdinaA

                I don't remember the location of the beach synagogue closest to New London, I think it is in Waterford. There is a synagogue at Old Colony Beach in Old Lyme, the second town east of the CT river.
                Closer to Ny in Milford is the Hebrew Congregation of Woodmont, which dates back to the 30s. There is a Chabad presence there, and the Rabbi who suopervises Claire's has his summer home down the block, in fact as a child he celebrated his Bar Mitzvah there.

              2. re: bagelman01

                And could you add some info about Edge of the Woods. Thanks for putting me straight.

                1. re: AdinaA

                  Edge of the Woods 379 Whalley Ave., New Haven (203)787-1055
                  (All products inside the "arches" are kosher certified. This includes the
                  bakery, sandwich, and salad bar departments. In all other parts of the
                  store, check products for kosher labels.)

                  Under the suoervision of the Vaad Hakashrus of Fairfiled County (whose mebers include the rabbis of Westville and Young Israel synagogues in New Haven).

                  Makes pizza certain days of the week. Hit food bar, salad bar. Lots of interesting kosher cheeses. One of New Haven's oldest 'Health Food' stores with large dining area. Much less crowded than Claire's, tho Claire's ids the place for great baked goods. Has its own parking lot. Claire's is on a very busy downtown corner with no parking of its own.

                  reviews on shamash:

                  review from Yelp (general public, a better judge of the quality:

                  1. re: bagelman01

                    Also, Edge of Woods has been mentioned here as having some very good quality Pizza. Granted you cant get it everyday, but it is really good. (they suggest you order ahead even on the days you do make it)

                    1. re: seikoloco

                      Seikoloco, this would have been better addressed as a reply to Adina's query. I'm local and know about Edge of the Woods (in the old Whalley Theatre Building)

                2. re: bagelman01

                  The full-service kosher department in New London turned out to be a big flop and cost the owners (not Jewish but genuinely desirous of serving the Jewish community) a ton of money. The promised hordes of customers never appeared.

                  I agree with AdinaA that only a New York Jew would imagine there to be a kosher restaurant in Mystic or anywhere near. New Haven is not really near, it is over an hour away.

                  The ShopRite in New London, though it no longer has the kosher in-store butcher, baker, deli, still has a decent kosher section. Pre-packaged glatt meats and dairy products, including Tnuva cheeses from Israel.

                  There is a vegetarian Chinese restaurant in downtown Norwich which is less than half an hour from Mystic. The Conservative rabbis of Norwich and New London certify it as kosher for their members. Many members of the Norwich Orthodox shul eat there as well though their rabbi says it's not acceptable. And the Krispy Kreme at Mohegan Sun is certified by the Diamond-K out of Boston if you can survive on donuts and coffee.

              3. re: bagelman01

                Perhaps I suggested it because I looked up Luckydog and realized he was in NYC and the natural route passes by New Haven. Perhaps I was just trying to pass on what I thought was a good suggestion. In reality because AdinaA had just posted on Claires. I'm sorry that my post seemed to bother you so much, although I cannot fathom the reason why.