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Aug 7, 2011 12:40 PM

Jerk Chicken [London]

Where to go for authentic, delicious jerk chicken in London? Have enjoyed great jerk outside Emirates stadium, from a food cart. Heard Brixton Village has a few options -- where is best? Have seen but not yet tried the stand on Brick Lane. Sit down preferred, but seeking best no matter where. Will travel.

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  1. Try Negril on Brixton Hill - the chicken is a cut above the rest..
    otherwise, if you really want to go off the beaten track, try Tasty Jerk. search for it on this board.. outstanding - especially the Jerk Pork..

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    1. Tasty Jerk in Croydon is IMO the mecca of jerk in London. If you want absolutely fantastic jerk chicken and the best jerk pork I've ever had then spend the extra time on a train to Croydon.

      They sell their peppa sauce too! It's scary stuff though.

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      1. re: JFores

        The BBQ stall in the park opposite the Old Vic in Waterloo is pretty good.

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          Second Tasty Jerk, and also Carribean Spice Jerk Centre outside Peckham Rye Station. The Jerk Pork is so good I actually haven't bothered trying the chicken yet.

          1. re: JFores

            Second that rec (Tasty Jerk). Well worth the trip and the best value too. Need to try the one in Peckham, much closer to me now!

            1. re: ShekhaV

              You mean there is a branch of Tasty Jerk in Peckham? Whereabouts is that?

              1. re: usualsuspect

                Sorry, ignore that- hadn't seen the post above that you were replying to...

          2. Bump... I went to tasty jerk in Croydon a couple of years back. I'll happily make the pilgrimage again if its still the best. Has anyone got any other recs for good jerk chicken/pork and also curry goat??? Ive tried a handful of places in south east London in the last couple of years, mainly Woolwich/Lewisham/New Cross but I've not found anything winning. The pepper sauce often disappoints too. Any recent experience or tips to share ??? Cheers

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              Funnily enough - went to Jerk Garden on Brockley Road (near Crofton park) last night - wasnt bad, although not as good as Tasty Jerk. Also Smokey Jerkey on New Cross Road is a pretty good bet..

              1. re: foreignmuck

                Thanks, these are both very handy for me. Which one would you go for if you had to choose?

                1. re: usualsuspect

                  between the two, i'd say smokey jerkey.

              2. re: usualsuspect

                I still trek out to Tasty Jerk for my fix, albeit far less frequently.