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Aug 7, 2011 11:33 AM

Three recommendations for our first time in Hong Kong

We will visit Honk Kong for the first time in September. We are form Argentina and Puerto Rico. Can someone recommend us

1. A place to eat roosted goose?
2. A restaurant to eat fresh seafood by the sea in the islands (and that can be easy to reach from Kowloon)?
3. A place to eat Cantonese style lobster?

Thank you!!

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  1. For first timer, I would play it safe for you folks!

    For roasted goose, stick with the norm! Yung Kee at 32-40 Wellington Street, Central for higher end dining ( order at least half a goose to ensure quality ). For more 'hole-n-the-wall' atmosphere, head over to Yat Lok at 28 Stanley Street, Central ( a street down from Yung Kee, so you can visit both places before deciding ).
    If you restrict yourself to Kowloon for seafood, and a sea view, then the only place I can think of is the Lei Yue Mun district. Take the MTR to 'Yau Tong' and taxi from there. Browse around the fish mongers, get your seafood and take it to any restaurants to get them prepared. You can have your lobster ther too!!

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    1. re: Charles Yu

      Hi Charles, thank you for your response. I heard that Yung Kee has several floors and that quality varies greatly among them. However, we do not see the option to choose the floor in their website. Do you know to which floor we need to go to have the good stuff and how we get there?

      As for fresh seafood, we were thinking of going to the outer islands to have lunch by the sea. For example, when we go to Puerto Rico, we like to visit a fishermen village to eat super-fresh seafood. We wonder if we can do something similar in Hong Kong


      1. re: LauraVG

        Try booking the 4th floor at Yung Kee.

        As for seafood next to the sea, I think Rainbow Seafood Restaurant at Lamma Island should meet your criteria

        1. re: LauraVG

          Good idea, Laura. Grab a ferry to Cheung Chau island where life settles back into a somnambulistic pace but the seafood are alive & kicking.

          Other than that, I'd second Charles' Yung Kee recommendation. For a first-timer to HK, I wouldn't worry too much about which floor to go to in Yung Kee - besides, the private club upstairs is only open to members. The roast goose served in any of the other floors is so much better than whatever you get in US or elsewhere many times over. Yung Kee has a reputation to upkeep and all these stories about different qualities of goose served on different floors are propagated by food bloggers and snobs ("I can get better goose than you in the same restaurant HA HA HA!") and has developed into some kind of urban legend. Pathetic, I say. I've been eating at Yung Kee for over 30 years, know some of the family members who run the place and they also thought it's funny. But then, any news is good news, wouldn't you say?

          1. re: LauraVG

            ' Jumbo Floating Restaurant' at Aberdeen has undergone a total revamp. For a first time visitor to Hong Kong, a Sampan/shuttle ride from the pier to the restaurant plus the chance to select and pick your live seafood is quite fun! Another optionn for you to consider?!

            1. re: Charles Yu

              Be sure to book the roast goose at Yung Kee, some time they run out. They deliver one batch in morning and one around 5. Depends on what time you go, you might need to ask them to keep one for you.

              1. re: Penpen

                Interesting comment!! First time I heard about goose selling out in Yung Kee!

                Attached photo was taken at 7.30 pm on a week day in March. Unless unforeseen situation, they should still be available berfore the 8.00pm dinner rush?

                1. re: Charles Yu

                  Thank you for all the recommendations. The islands sound good and we may try both.

                  My husband just called Yung Kee for a reservation. He did request a table on the 4th floor. However, the person who answered the phone kept saying "2 or 5 floors" regardless of what my husband would tell her. We are confused!