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What Tastes Better Frozen?

The other day I bought some Liberte yogurts on sale. I was putting them in the fridge when I got home and remembered how I used to keep Yakult (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yakult) in freezer when I was a kid. They were SO much better when frozen and eaten with a thin, long iced tea spoon. So I popped lemon and coconut flavored Liberte in the freezer. Just now I took the lemon one out and I'm really liking the texture and the fact that it takes a lot longer to eat it. So that got me thinking, what other things tastes better when frozen? There are some obvious candidates, like Thin Mint cookies, bananas. Anything else? I would love some ideas/suggestions!

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    1. re: pine time

      +1 on the grapes!

      Chocolate chip cookies.

        1. re: jbsiegel

          Yep, grapes, and chocolate chip cookies, still warm and soft from the oven and then immediately frozen. They get this sort of hard chewiness to them.

        1. re: linguafood

          I should have written "not foods that are supposed to be frozen" in the OP, but I thought it was obvious!

          1. re: uwsister

            FWIW, most ice cream tastes better melted to me! I always stir it like a maniac until it becomes ice cream "soup"!

        2. Reese's peanut butter cups. But I suppose everyone knows that. Also, akvavit.

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          1. re: Veggo

            Kit Kat and 3 Musketeers as well.

            1. re: ipsedixit

              And don't forget Milkyways.

              (I've never tried frozen Kit Kats--will have to experiment next time I get a candy bar craving.)

              1. re: gaffk

                Second the Milky Way bars. The staple snack of our swimming pool.

                1. re: shallots

                  That's gettin' awfully close to the Baby Ruth bar in the pool in Caddyshack!

                  1. re: shallots

                    Oh yeah, the frozen Milky way or Three Musketeers. Poolside treat from way back when (in my case, that's the 1960s).

                    1. re: eclecticsynergy

                      Funny, it was a poolside treat for me as well (in the 70s).

                  2. re: gaffk

                    Frozen kit kats get even crunchier, but you have to eat them fast. Otherwise as they start to warm up, and if it's humid out, they start to get a weird waxy condensation taste.

                  3. re: ipsedixit

                    Oooh. I really like Kit Kat Chunky frozen. Something about the thick layer of milk chocolate...

                    I also like the above mentioned cookies (chocolate chip, white chocolate-macadamia nut, oatmeal raisin, snickerdoodles...I'm not picky) in frozen form, and will add: minigo yogurt, Rice Krispies squares and sometimes gummy worms.

                    1. re: obiter_dicta

                      LOL - I can't even imagine what a frozen gummy worm is like!

                      1. re: jbsiegel

                        Try it! As it begins to slowly defrost, it becomes verrry chewy.

                        Another one I thought of is mochi. Put it in the freezer for about half an hour so that it is not completely frozen. Love that texture.

                    1. re: jbsiegel

                      I haven't seen a charleston chew in years. They were awesome frozen.

                    2. Don't know about frozen, but I certainly feel like a slice of cheesecake does not suffer from about 30 minutes for so in the freezer.

                      Same with Chinese egg custard tarts, Ding Dongs, and Twinkies. Not frozen, but a good 30 minute "car wash" in the freezer sometimes does wonders for them.

                      1. Charleston chew candy bars, broken up into pieces. As a kid, the ice cream man used to sell frozen Zero bars, but I haven't had one in years.

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                        1. re: sherriberry

                          I loved frozen zero bars! They always had them at the YMCA when I was young.

                        2. As a kid I loved frozen Twinkies and those Hostess orange cupcakes.

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                          1. re: arktos

                            When I was a kid, a frozen Mrs. Bairds chocolate cupcake was one of my favorite treats.

                            1. 1+ on the grapes!!

                              I also always freeze the bite sized milky way bars...Yum! Discovered that when I tried to keep myself from sampling the Halloween candy I'd purchased the week before to hand out to the kids on Halloween. Back in the day when Entenmann's chocolate covered donuts were still good, I would freeze them as well, I loved how the chocolate would crackle as I bit into them. (you can eat them straight from the freezer- great on hot summer mornings

                              1. Another vote for ypgurt and also pudding in those little cups....Jello brand, I think. Both taste better frozen, but not frozen solid.

                                  1. Snickers and Double Chocolate Milanos.

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                                    1. re: Axlsgoddess

                                      Homemade chocolate chip cookies. YUM!

                                      1. Call me crazy (crazy!) but when I make butternut squash muffins or zucchini raisin muffins, the first thing I do is stick a dozen or so in the freezer. I happen to like the way they taste when they are half-frozen (not rock solid, obviously) better than fresh from the oven.

                                        1. gummy candies! fuzzy peaches,etc

                                            1. re: haiku.

                                              Yes, brownies for sure! Chocolate chip cookies of course, any kind of chocolate candy. I like frozen grapes and strawberries. I also like frozen almonds!

                                              1. Frozen peas! I'm eating them right now. Frozen pineapple and grapes.

                                                Also, "Ah Caramel"s. I think they are only sold in Canada: "Spongy white cakes coated in a chocolatey layer and overflowing with luscious caramel and pastry creme."

                                                Really kind of trashy and ordinary/Twinkie-ish, but when frozen they are just delightful

                                                1. .....Orange Milano Cookies, dipped in milk until the cookie is mush and the chocolate/orange is still hard!! I can eat a whole bag in a sitting!

                                                  1. Nutter Butter cookies and Junior mints

                                                    1. Tim Tams, specifically for slammin'.
                                                      Ripe Hachiya persimmons - they basically turn into persimmon sorbet.
                                                      Add me to the chorus of frozen grape enthusiasts. :)

                                                      1. Melon balls.

                                                        Ice cubes made from grape juice- super tasty in lemonade.
                                                        Ice cubes made from apricot nectar- super tasty in iced tea.

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                                                        1. re: eclecticsynergy

                                                          I like the idea of the grape juice ice cubes in the lemonade. The color and flavor will change as you drink it? Do you get little swirls along the way? Sounds fun.

                                                          1. re: Veggo

                                                            Yep, gets grapier as you go. No swirls, though. For that I make iced tea (no lemon) and drizzle cream in. As much fun as food coloring dripped into a bath. And very tasty besides- lots of folks put cream or half & half in hot tea; few ever think to do it in iced tea. The swirls don't last once you pick up the glass, but the flavor does. Amazingly good variation from the usual.

                                                          1. re: PotatoHouse

                                                            Bombay Sapphire and any good vodka.
                                                            Lemon iceblocks to go with it.

                                                          2. As a kid, I was absolutely wild about frozen peas straight from the bag. I love frozen chocolate chip cookies; the chocolate, as it thaws, seems to appear out of nowhere, as though by divine intervention.

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                                                            1. re: oldunc

                                                              Oh, the wheel in the sky keeps on turning. Now the frozen peas stay in the bag, and soothe our aching backs!

                                                            2. Chocolate covered jelly rings and bars. Chocoalate covered marshmallow twists!!!

                                                              1. Pineapple, watermelon chunks. ,

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                                                                1. Those chocolate Sarah Lee cakes that they sell in the frozen foods section. As a cake, when thawed, it's not great, but let it sit out for about 15 minutes, and they're pretty good as a frozen snack.

                                                                  1. Whalemeat sashimi - has to be eaten semi-frozen whence it had a watermelon-like texture. Once the meat reached room temperature, not so nice.

                                                                    1. I just had a frozen Payday bar for breakfast, yummy!! Peanuts are healthy, right!!