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Aug 7, 2011 10:42 AM

Jigger's Diner in East Greenwich, Rhode Island re-open ?

I heart that the Jigger's Diner is open again but only from Fridays to Sundays for breakfast and lunch. Is this right or is it also open on weekdays ?


Jigger's Diner
145 Main St, East Greenwich, RI 02818

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  1. It's open only for breakfast and only Fri - Sun.

    DON"T BOTHER. Stopped by yesterday for the first time in about a year. Very disappointed. Mediocre coffee at $2, two small crepe-sized soggy pancakes with a sparse helping of tasteless blueberries and so-called real maple syrup that had the color & consistency of the real thing, but NO maple flavor (tasted just like sugar). While sitting at the counter, I watched the short order cook serve up scrambled eggs simply by over cooking a thick omelet and using his spatula to break up the eggs with a few edgewise cuts. While the omelets were drawn thin, all seemed to be overcooked / brown on the surface.

    For an excellent omelet, visit Ed's Roost and for pancakes, visit Audra's - both just down the road. There's no reason to stop at Jiggers, except perhaps for Johnny cakes and/or siting in a historical diner. Too bad, because up to last year, I'd considered them as having among the best pancakes.

    Ed's Roost
    357 Main St, East Greenwich, RI 02818

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      Thanks Clams047 !

      Indeed, I am looking for a nice place having Johnny cakes. I never ate Johnny cakes, so I would like to try them during my trip to Rhode Island. Do you know a nice place in this area or in Middletown/Newport ?
      Thanks again!

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        While Johnney cakes are perhaps a unique RI treat, they are not something one tends too order too often. Jiggers is probably the still best place on the mid west bay (not sure of other places - never had them elsewhere).

        I've never been, but Commons Lunch at 48 Commons Way in Little Compton, RI is often sited as serving excellent Johnny cakes (east bay).

        Commons Lunch
        48 Commons, Little Compton, RI 02837

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          I've also never been - but have heard good things about - Celestial Cafe in Exeter. They have Johnny Cakes on the menu, with the bonus that they use corn meal from Kenyon's Grist Mill... We plan to check it out soon!


          Grist Mill
          44 Mill Ln, Farmington, CT 06032

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            April's Restaurant on Route 44 in Glocester, RI serves excellent jonnycakes.

      2. Used to love the Johnny cakes and sausage patties at Jigger's, The West Bay JC tend to be thick and the ones on the East Bay are thinner. I prefer the thicker version.

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          Here's an interesting link with a recipe for the "thick" version: