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Aug 7, 2011 10:35 AM


I had an iced butterbeer yesterday (yes, like in Harry Potter. You know you want to try it) at a restaurant and it was AMAZING. It was refreshing and effervescent, and creamy, but not too sweet. Now I want to recreate it, but I only have the menu description to go on... Hard cider, mulled wine, butterscotch, topped with whipped cream (I know, sounds delicious, doesn't it?). I think I can figure out whatt to use for the rest of the components, but I have no clue what kind of butterscotch to put in it. Does anyone know of a good butterscotch syrup for drinks? I don't think it was a liquer, but i wouldn't rule it out...

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  1. it is pretty easy to make butterscotch @ home. Homemade would allow you to control quality and sweetness.

    1. When I make butterbeer at home I just mix Cole cream soda with butterscotch schnapps and top with whipped cream. Your version sounds really hearty and yummy. Will have to try it out. But yeah, I'd go with butterscotch liquer

      1. Someone I follow posted this butterbeer recipe:

        I cannot imagine adding butterscotch to cream soda (and I roll on the sweet side of the street!), but your list of ingredients above sounds fab!

        On the alcoholic side of butterscotch, there's Buttershots...which also tastes good in a shot one of my buddies used to make that tasted like an oatmeal cookie:

        And Tuaca is nice in hot mulled cider, so it might work in your own butterbeer recipe, too.

        ETA: That wasn't meant as a dig, DreamCyn. I was speaking of the butterbeer recipe I posted. I'm just not a big cream soda fan and can't imagine sweetening it up further. ;)

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          That was a looong time ago, but I just saw that and, no offense taken :)
          I actually found that adding the super sweet butterschnapps to the carbonated soda kept the sweetness at a relatively normal level. I usually avoid actually adding the whipped cream (or ice cream, which i've seen) It was just the recipe I saw first.

        2. Why not contact the place you had it? I have never been refused a cocktail recipe when I have asked.