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Aug 7, 2011 08:41 AM

Lunch downtown near Peel and DeMaisonneuve?

Am having a business casual lunch with a client working near Peel and DeMaisonneuve this week. Any recommendations for a pleasant downtown spot with the following provisos:

No Asian food.
Not pricey - $20 a head, without alcohol.
Must be within a 8-block radius.
Walk-in, not too long a wait.

Am eager to hear your suggestions.

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  1. Hmmmnn...The Dominion Square Tavern (on Metcalf) very close to Peel and de Maisonneuve might be good choice. Some mains will be a bit more expensive but menu is online so you can check prices. Dunn's Deli is right next door although that might be too casual!

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      Here's lunch menu:
      I've never been for lunch but I've now been for dinner and appetizers. I personally really like the atmosphere. If your client is from out of town or hasn't been before, it is a nice historic Montreal venue.

    2. How casual?

      Cafe Romy in Ogilvy's is fairly inexpensive and in my opinion, the best non-Asian quick sitdown lunch in the area. If you don't mind eating in a department store, that is. I actually think it's kind of a fun atmosphere, and surely can't be any worse than those big noisy family style dining rooms like Mr Steer's, and all the other restaurants that line St Cathe. It's counter style ordering but the food is fresh and delicious, and it's usually not too busy or cramped. Sequestered in a section behind the stairs so it's more like a small cafe than food court in feel.

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        Italian: Marinara, Indian: Le Taj