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Aug 7, 2011 08:16 AM

Lunch Downtown Spokane

We will be in downtown Spokane for lunch mid-week. What is good? Open to any cuisine and price range. Thanks in advance for any suggestions you may have!

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  1. Here is my list - if any of these sound interesting check out the reviews on Yelp (I find yelp to me accurate in Spokane than Urbanspoon.)

    $ Chicken-N-More - Southern style cooking - hole in the wall.
    $ Domini Sandwich's - Old school sandwich shop, plain sandwich's with lots of meat
    $ High Nooner - A good deli sandwich shop
    $ Neato Burrito - Hole in the wall place that is attached to Baby Bar, they feature wrap style burritos.
    $$ Europa - European style bistro, service/food can be a little slow
    $$ Herbal Essence Cafe - Small cafe with good bistro style food
    $$ Monterey Cafe - Although it's called Monterey cafe it features mostly Italian style food (pizza's, pasta, calzones, etc.)
    $$ Queen of Sheba - Ethiopian cuisine that is very authentic and homemade. Small place and wait times can be long if they are busy.
    $$ Santorini's Greek - Greek restaurant that is good - only drawback is they don't follow their posted hours very well.
    $$ Taco's Tumbras - Hole in the wall type place but it is one of the top three Mexican restaurants in Spokane (Note I said "in Spokane" pretty average compared to places in LA)
    $$ Thai on 1st - Nice atmosphere, good Thai food.
    $$$ Mizuna - High end Bistro that features vegetarian and non-vegetarian food
    $$$ Sante's - High end bistro featuring mostly organic and locally grown items. Fresh charcuterie items

    If I were to rate the top three restaurants on the above list using quality of food they would be

    #1 (tie) Sante's
    #1 (tie) Mizuna
    #3 Queen of Sheba

    Other popular places that I think have sub-par food or not worth the money

    Clinkerdagger - too expensive
    Italian Kitchen - too expensive and sub-par food
    Linnie's Thai - sub-par food
    Moxie - too expensive
    O'Doherty's - terrible food
    Raw Island Grill - sub-par food
    Satellite Diner sub-par food unless you are drunk and it's 3AM and you HAVE to eat)
    Scratch - too expensive
    Steelhead - sub-par food
    Taaj Indian Food - sub-par food
    The Peacock Room - Too expensive and sub-par food
    Twigs - too expensive and sub-par food
    Wild Sage - Very hit and miss and unfortunately to many misses - sub-par food and too expensive

    Good luck and let us know where you went and what you thought of it please.

    404 West Main, Spokane, WA 99201

    West 621 Mallon Street, Spokane, WA 99201

    Satellite Diner
    425 W Sprague Ave, Spokane, WA 99201

    Neato Burrito
    827 W 1st Ave, Spokane, WA 99201

    Herbal Essence Cafe
    115 N Washington St, Spokane, WA 99201

    11808 E Sprague Ave, Spokane Valley, WA 99206

    Italian Kitchen
    113 N Bernard St, Spokane, WA 99201

    214 N Howard St, Spokane, WA 99201

    High Nooner
    410 E Holland Ave Ste G, Spokane, WA 99218

    Queen of Sheba
    621 W Mallon Ave, Spokane, WA 99201

    1. Santes. then go browse at Auntie's Books next door.

      404 West Main, Spokane, WA 99201