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Aug 7, 2011 07:52 AM

buy veggie burgers?

Which are the tastiest Veggie Burgers available?
Need them for a B.B.Q
as two of my guests are Vegetarian.
Or suggestions for other protein that I can throw on the B.B.Q. beside the Lamb Chops for the Carnivores, to satisfy a Vegetarian.
Already plan to do Veggie skewers, as sides.

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  1. I think you would probably make them happy with the Lick's garden burgers available frozen in most grocery stores. President's Choice also has a couple of options that are good, though I would stay away from the blue menu patties as they are too low fat to do well on a grill.

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    1. re: Full tummy

      Agree re: Licks. Amy's or Bocca are also not bad.

      1. re: Cat123

        Out of curiosity, where have you found the Boca burgers? I thought they weren't available in Canada.

        1. re: piccola

          My kids are vegetarian and they buy Boca burgers at Summerhill Market

          Summerhill Market
          446 Summerhill Ave, Toronto, ON M4W, CA

          1. re: marzenka

            Amazing! Will have to make the trek.

            1. re: piccola

              Just fyi, I bought some Boca burgers today at Summerhill Market. Check out the Field Roast products (vegan sausages and "meatloaf") in the same freezer! I don't think you can find these items in any other stores in Toronto, so it's great to know where to go for them.

              Summerhill Market
              446 Summerhill Ave, Toronto, ON M4W, CA

              1. re: Full tummy

                Too bad Summerhill is so hard to get to... :(

                1. re: piccola

                  Yes, absolutely. Especially with Pottery Road torn up! I'm an eastender and don't have a good (efficient, fast, reasonable) route there without Pottery Road...

                  1. re: Full tummy

                    I don't know if this helps you, but Summerhill opened a second location in the old Sherwood Market location on Mt. Pleasant, south of Blythwood.

                    Sherwood Market
                    1054 Mt Pleasant Rd, Toronto, ON M4P, CA

                    1. re: TorontoJo

                      Oh, good to know. That is more convenient, depending on the day/time, though parking can be a pain in the butt there. Thanks!!

    2. Uh, that should be Nature burgers--my phone won't let me edit.

      1. The original comment has been removed
        1. If your guests like the 'fake meat'/soy protein burgers, then the Lick's Nature burgers are quite good. If your guests dont' like that kind of texture, Costco sells these veggie burgers that you can see/tastes the grains, cheese, mushrooms etc. inside. I personally prefer the Costco ones. I think there's 10 patties in a box, for $12.99

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          1. re: PrincessStress

            Are they in the freezer area? Do you know the brand?

            1. re: Full tummy

              They're in the freezer section where the normal beef burgers are. The brand is Costco's Kirkland brand in a green box.

              1. re: PrincessStress

                +1! Very good veggie burgers. Got some last month for a BBQ, and now I prefer them. And I'm not even veggie!

            2. re: PrincessStress

              I suggest paying a visit to SLM downstairs, where you'll find a little shop that specializes in all things soy. You might be able to sample a few different options. Veggie burgers are only so-so and are often the go-to barbecue option, so offering something totally different and yet possibly more similar to the chops you're serving the carnivores might be a nice touch.

              You could also go to The Big Carrot and choose some ready-made vegetarian dishes that you can heat and serve your vegetarians.

              Another suggestion is simply to buy some firm tofu, slice it into steaks and make a strongly flavoured marinade. Marinate the tofu steaks overnight and grill on a different part of the grill, away from the meat.

              Last suggestion is to visit an Asian grocer that offers mock meats. I've tried some meatballs and mock shrimp that were pretty tasty and eerily similar in appearance to the real thing. My Vietnamese grocer has vacuum sealed bags in the freezer section. My Chinese grocer often carries foil containers with clear lids that contain an assortment of mock meats done in various Chinese style marinades and sauces. When very fresh, they are pretty tasty. They will be in an open refrigerated display, often along with containers of spiced chicken feet or offal.

              1. re: 1sweetpea

                Could you let us know which Vietnamese grocer and Chinese grocer you are referring to? Thanks!

                1. re: Full tummy

                  As a vegetarian, I tend to not enjoy a veggie burger that tries to simulate meat. My favourite veggie burger these days is the Sol Almond Grain burgers -- really flavourful and savoury and not trying to be something it isn't. You can find them at the Big Carrot and most other health food stores. Another crowd-pleaser tends to be the President's Choice Portabello Mushroom Burgers... I think they are a mixture of soy and cheese and mushrooms.