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Aug 6, 2011 07:47 PM

Ordering ala carte in L'arpege

I'm thinking of ordering a la carte for our dinner in L'Arpege, any suggestion of how many dishes should we order and any "must order" dishes should we choose?

Thanks in advance

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  1. For two people, I would order at least a total of 6, maybe 7 courses; have each course split for two. Since Passard's menu changes depending on what he is growing and his mood. the best way to order a la carte is to consult the with the captain. There might be complimentary "Arpege egg" or a few vegetable tartlettes to start the meal. The follow are some of my favorites from past meals. A few are considered his signature dishes.
    gaspacho with mustard ice cream
    beet ravioli
    grilled foie gras with dates and citrus marmalade
    a plate of roasted baby vegetables including carrots, turnips, peas, fava, artichokes with large dabs of pistou and tapenade
    lobster with green cabbage and vin jaune
    slow roasted turbot or monkfish on the bone with simple Bordier butter flavored with mustard
    whole sole braised in savagnin and hazelnut oil
    pigeon glazed with coffee and soy or crusted with almonds
    grilled rack of suckling pig flavored with cumin and harrissa
    aged comte with truffle shavings
    His signature desserts:
    tomato confit
    tarte de pomme
    variations on vanilla millefeuille

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    1. re: PBSF

      Thanks for the suggestion PBSF.
      Yes i should mention it is for 2 people.
      Those 6 dishes, are they only savoury or including desert?
      The reason i'm thinking going ALC is my wife normally feels it is way too much food for her everytime we order degustion menu on any fine dining restaurant, and base on few blogs, Arpege degustation looks have way too much food for us .

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        The 6 dishes include two desserts. Neither I or my partner are big eaters; our most recent was three years ago and we ordered 4 savory courses, 2 desserts; they gave us a tasting of the roasted beets and comp us a serving of aged comte. Seems like sending out a complimenatry tasting of of a vegetable is one of their 'freebies'. The amount was right for us. And considering the prices, also our budget. Though, I have not taken the tasting menu the last couple of times, it is one of the most sensible of the 3 star restaurants (exception being L'Astrance) in term of the amount of food.

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          I pulled out some notes of our tasting menu from quite a few years ago. At that time he was less vegetable-centric than now.
          Arpege egg with maple syrup and sherry vinegar
          Bavarois of avocado with pistachio oil and caviar
          Carpaccio of langoustines
          Assortment of roasted baby vegetables
          lobster with green cabbage and vin jaune
          squab with coffee and soy
          cheese cart
          tomato confit
          Not an overwhelming amount of food but it was a little too much for us. Passard is a minimalist; he doesn't junk up the plates with too much stuff. With most high-end places, after the first time or so of taking the tasting menu, we prefer to order a la carte.

          Arpege Restaurant
          84 Rue de Varenne, Paris, Île-de-France 75007, FR

          1. re: PBSF

            Once again thanks so much for your input, since we will be dining in some of restaurant in Spain, which most likely to be tasting menu., i think ordering a la carte in Arpege will bring better balance in the quantity of food and our budget :).

            Arpege Restaurant
            84 Rue de Varenne, Paris, Île-de-France 75007, FR

      2. Since l'Arpège is an ingredient based restaurant, my advice is to ask for "carte blanche", which is not the standard tasting menu but the inspiration of the chef. As for how many dishes, a/it depends on how much time you have and b/just ask them to keep the dishes coming as long as you're still hungry.

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          Thanks for the suggestion Souphie, I also going to have dinner at Ledoyen (based on your opinion on this board:)). I'm intrigued by their chicken dishes on the menu, do you have any opinion on this, is it one dish or two dishes?, how do they cooked it? Since the price is slightly lower than in Le Cinq or Le Bristol, i'm just wondering if the quality is as good compared to those other restaurant.

          thanks a lot for your input

          1. re: lefan

            Actually, I believe the quality of the ingredient (and cooking) is probably superior at Ledoyen (though the Gauloise Blanche at Le Cinq is remarkable). That said, Le Bristol chicken is wonderful. All three are.

            Whole chicken dish are usually in two servings, if only because white and dark meat don't take the same time to eat.

            Let us know which one you prefer and if you need help eating them.

            1. re: souphie

              Thanks Souphie, i probably try the Ledoyen one, i'll report back