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Aug 6, 2011 07:44 PM

McDonald's Arctic Orange shake is back!

I know it's easy to hate McDonald's, but I find myself there every so often. If I'm in a hurry and want something super-cheap that tastes good and can be wolfed down in the car or a parking lot, nothing beats two McDoubles off the Dollar Menu. They're tasty, and the meat/cheese/bun/onion/ketchup ratio is perfect compared to McDonald's larger burgers and most other fast food burgers. I rarely have their fries, but for a fast food joint, their fries are among the best -- streets ahead of BK and Wendy's, for sure. Most of the time, their sweet tea is pretty damn good, and a large cup for a buck is a great deal on a sweltering summer day. And don't get me started on my love/hate relationship with the mysterious McRib!

But now, one of my favorite rare menu items is back (presumably for a limited time): the Arctic Orange shake! I first saw the sign yesterday and started craving one immediately, but the McDonald's I passed last night was OUT! I was incredulous, but to my credit, I didn't spring for a lesser shake or something else unhealthy to tide me over. I just decided to wait. I finally got my first Arctic Orange shake of the summer today, and it was worth the wait. Thick and rich, I'm not sure it has any actual ice cream in it at all, or what makes it "Arctic." However, it tasted damn fine, like orange sherbet or a perfectly blended liquid creamsicle. It totally hit the spot, and I hope to get at least one or two more before they disappear again. Even if you're a McDonald's hater or a skeptic, if you like sweet and orangey things, I strongly recommend this shake.

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  1. Is this a regional or test market item? Not seeing it on their website.

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    1. re: ediblover

      Not sure. I live in Central Florida, and they've offered it here in the past. I assumed it was like the Shamrock Shake, where it pops up everywhere once a year.

      1. re: Big Bad Voodoo Lou

        It was around in the 70's and early 80's.

        I've lived and traveled to too many places in the USA via auto to realize whether it was a local or seasonal item, but haven't seen it at McDonald's in quite a while. Creamsicle is my favorite flavor...

        1. re: Big Bad Voodoo Lou

          Stopped by a McDonald's earlier and it wasn't an option. Course, the ones here were also slow in offering the Asian salad, so it just may be a slow national release. The thing about being in Florida (hello, regional oranges) does make me think it's a limited region item. Guess we'll find out in a few weeks. It does sound tasty, so I give the marketing department thumbs up for the name.

      2. Sounds like a creamsicle-ish flavor. My 12 yo boychild is intrigued...

        PS. I also have yearly flings with the McRib, and I'm not ashamed to say it.

        1. does it taste like the Orange Julius of old? I still crave the taste of that from the 70s.

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          1. re: smartie

            Orange Julius is from before my time, but from what I understand, they're a little more orange juice concentrate-y, whereas this shake is more orange sherbet-y.

          2. The Artic Orange shake has been here in Nova Scotia since the start of the summer so I don't think it's regional to Florida. It came out with the Peach Pie and Create your own MacFlurry. I just assumed it was the seasonal flavour. Finally broke down last night and bought one. YUM!

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            1. re: moira27

              I know, right?

              We've never had the Peach Pie here in FL, though. :(