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Aug 6, 2011 06:55 PM

What and Where to Eat in New York City

Today's Montreal Gazette featured the best restaurants in New York City. Was Lesley Chesterman accurate?

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  1. Accurate to a point. Most of the recommendations are solid - they seem painfully obvious to me, but then, I spend half my day reading about Manhattan restaurants, and people in Montreal probably do not. But Fishs Eddy is not a restaurant, so I'm not quite sure why it's even mentioned.

    There's a Doughnut Plant on W. 23rd St. and one on Grand St., but as the two different names imply, those are two different streets. (Do not apply this logic to 6th Ave. and Avenue of the Americas, as they are one and the same.) The article lists Doughnut Plant's address as 379 Grand St., and then discusses the branch on W. 23rd. Confusing!

    Union Square is indeed smaller than Jean-Talon, but I believe Jean-Talon is not limited to local fare as Union Square is (I've only been to Jean-Talon once, but I'm pretty sure I saw oranges and imported cheese), so that's worth pointing out.

    I've nothing against Le Pain Quotidien, but if I were visiting New York, I'd eat breakfast at a place particular to New York. Even if it was just the diner closest to my hotel.

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      Jean Talon also has a lot more prepared food stands than Union Square.

      I think the article is pretty spot on.

    2. One inaccuracy I noticed is that a couple of the photos are mis-captioned. The first photo is not of the elegant Modern Bar Room; it's of Eataly. (The photo labeled as "Eataly" is actually the Bar Room at the Modern.)

      200 5th Ave, New York, NY 10010

      1. not inaccurate, but it's the sort of unfocused, straight-from-a-bland guidebook kind of article that makes so much print journalism seem useless these days...

        1. No real NY pizzerias (barely a mention of if the pizza/pasta was any good at Eataly), no other Italian, no proper sit down brunch, no bagels, no Jewish Deli, no non-European ethnic, no food trucks, no cocktails....I think the author played it too safe. Dean & Deluca, Le Pain Quotidian, and Eataly, and 3 Danny Meyer restaurants. There's so much more variety here than that.

          200 5th Ave, New York, NY 10010